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Tomorrow will be President Obama’s second State of the Union Address and there is a lot of buzz as to what his buzzword(s) will be. What word(s) will he say repeatedly throughout his speech?  Will he talk about jobs? With an unemployment rate stuck at 9 percent job creation is sure to be a main talking point.  I’m also hearing outreach as in the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to hold a series of live online events to answer questions from the general public in the hours and days following the address. Of course compromise is sure to come up now that Democrats no longer have control of the House of Representatives and in the wake of the Tucson shootings. In his weekly Saturday Radio Address the President spoke of America competing with other countries such as China and India. He said frankly: “We can out-compete any other nation.” Remember the President recently made a visit to India and China’s President Hu Jintao visited here last week. Both visits resulted in billions in trade deals that will create American jobs especially in the hard-hit manufacturing sector. The SOTU is sure to be interesting including the new seating arrangement with Democratic and Republican members of Congress sitting next to each other in a staged show of unity. We here at TheConfirmationFiles will be tuned in to every second but can’t help but lament that Countdown with Keith Olbermann will not be providing a post-analysis of the speech.  But there is the State of the Union Drinking Game to cheer us up.

Here are a few things that you might like to *drink to:

Drink if POTUS mentions Main Street and Wall Street in the same sentence
x2 if it is with negative connotations

Drink if you catch John Boehner wiping his eyes(Lord help us all!)

Drink when POTUS says anything that sounds like boner
x2 if it works as a double entendre

Drink if POTUS defends the Health Care Reform Bill

Drink if POTUS states there will be plenty of time for campaigning in 2012
x2 if the camera pans to Mitch McConnell
x3 if the camera pans to someone that will likely be running against him in 2012

*Source: State of Union Drinking Game 2011

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