It is difficult to have optimism for the future when you live in the United States. A large section of the population is completely alienated from the truth about the unjust system that dictates their lives. Corporate media lies protect a class society which is dedicated to the impoverishment of over half of the planet. The violence of white supremacy, endless war, and economic catastrophe is coupled with the ongoing destruction of the natural world. Michelle Obama recently expressed deep unity with the “values” of George W. Bush and her husband followed suit by expressing that any woman, regardless of whether they sport a pro-war and pro-austerity agenda, is equipped to change the world for the better. U.S. imperial domination cannot be voted out of power, but it can undergo a facelift to become a more effective evil. That is the central mission of the ruling class at this time and a very dangerous one at that.

But for as much as there is to lament, the last year has also produced several reasons for the left to be hopeful. The Trump era has shown that much of the world is seeking an independent economic and political path from the U.S.’ unipolar and imperialist development model. Trump’s trade war with China and the U.S. ruling class’ war provocations with Russia have only brought China and Russia closer together. Latin American nations such as Venezuela have relied upon aid from Russia and China to defend themselves from U.S.-backed coup attempts. Syria has shown interest in joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative—the global Silk Road project which plans to invest trillions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure development in Global South nations under the leadership of the People’s Republic of China.(Danny Haiphong)

Posted By The non-Conformist