Stop Night Protests in Ferguson and Start Recalling City Leaders

Image: The Atlantic

A very timely article about what needs to be the next step in Ferguson, RECALL the city leaders, the mayor… EVERYBODY that you can recall, RECALL them ALL.

I like how Chuck D put it in the rap song, Welcome to the Terrordome…

Watcha do gitcha head ready
Instead of getting physically sweaty
When I get mad
I put it down on a pad
Give ya something that cha never had

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BRITAIN: ‘ Inquiry Finds at Least 1,400 Children in Town Were Sexually Exploited Predominantly by Asian Criminal Gangs ‘

The Confirmation Files:

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Originally posted on Ace News Services 2014:

​​​#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN (Rotherham) – August 27 – South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has vowed to stay in the job despite calls for him to quit over widespread child abuse in Rotherham.

An inquiry found at least 1,400 children in the town were sexually exploited by predominantly Asian criminal gangs between 1997 and 2013.

PCC Shaun Wright was the councillor in charge of children’s services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010.

He said he believed he was the most appropriate person to hold the post.

A report commissioned by the council was published on Tuesday and revealed the massive scale of abuse in Rotherham.

The inquiry team noted fears among council staff of being labelled “racist” if they focused on victims’ descriptions of the majority of abusers as “Asian” men.

‘Long think to himself’

In the wake of the report’s findings, political rivals and colleagues have said Labour…

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Big Names Gather for Michael Brown’s Funeral

The Confirmation Files:

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Originally posted on TIME:

Well-known activists, politicians and celebrities were gathering Monday at a St. Louis church for the funeral of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old shot dead by a police officer two weeks ago.

The list of VIPs expected to attend the service includes director Spike Lee, rapper Snoop Dogg, music mogul Diddy, comedian Nick Cannon. The parents of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teen fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida in 2012, and relatives of Sean Bell, who was killed by New York City police officers in 2006, were also expected to be at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church.

The White House sent three representatives…

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Hagan hits Obama on VA ahead of American Legion speech

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Originally posted on OnPolitics:

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C.. (H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY)

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C.. (H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY)

Ahead of President Obama’s speech Tuesday before the American Legion, a vulnerable senator in his own party voiced skepticism about the commander in chief’s commitment to veterans.

Sen. Kay Hagan, who is locked in a tight re-election race against Republican Thom Tillis in North Carolina, said in a statement that the Obama administration “has not yet done enough to earn the lasting trust of our veterans and implement real and permanent reforms at the VA.”

The White House announced Friday that Obama will deliver remarks at the American Legion’s 96th annual conference in Charlotte. Obama’s speech comes as the Department of Veterans Affairs tries to fix problems that led to extensive delays in scheduling and medical treatment for veterans.

Hagan is essentially deadlocked for a second term against Tillis, speaker of the North Carolina general assembly, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll

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A new day in Ferguson?


Image: Politico

The embattled community of Ferguson embarked on a major experiment in policing on Thursday.

After several days of aggressive and sometimes violent street confrontations featuring heavily armed police wearing riot gear and riding around the St. Louis suburb in military vehicles, Thursday saw an abrupt change of course.

Suddenly, the military hardware and the police in riot gear were gone from West Florissant Street — the suburban-style main drag that runs through the town and was the epicenter of the confrontations and looting.

They were replaced with a much smaller force of plainclothes police officers under the command of a charismatic State Highway Patrol captain with deep and long-standing ties to the local community.

“I roamed these streets,” said Captain Ron Johnson — the State Highway Patrol officer in charge of the area. “When the media from out of state is gone and when the people from out of this community are gone, Ron Johnson is still going to be here.”

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The Politics of the Ebola Serum

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