The Pledge of Allegiance and Fascism

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I wrote in a couple of blog posts about bloggers and journalists and the differences between the two. For this reason I like blogging. The 4th of July was just upon us. This is when bloggers can say things that are true whereas journalists can’t without fear of blow back. In this post I want to deal with the pledge of allegiance and fascism. After the ruling on the Affordable Care Act a.k.a Obamacare, Repubs lost their minds; literally. Some of them started throwing around the word fascism as if saying it three times the candy man would appear. That’s as foolish as the “idea” of fascism itself. I listened to their arguments and I was confused especially by one certain person who I can’t mention by name till she runs for president. Anyways, she was throwing the word around without “any” explanation of what she meant by it. This is what bothers me most, people in positions of authority shouldn’t allow guests to speak  frivolously because it may sound good. That’s fine in the interim but in the long run it can hurt one’s credibility.

We have to ask the question, what is fascism? Fascism is difficult to pin-point or define as it mostly deals with an ideology. It could be explained as an illiberal regime type, insofar as it denies the significance and rights of the individual and expects citizens to function together in a corporate fashion for the glory of the state. Fascism is defined as much by what it opposes as well as what it supports, it is anti-modern, anti-rationality, anti-democratic, and vehemently anti-communist. Fascism is also militaristic and espouses and imperialistic, expressionistic foreign policy and corporatism.

At a forward glance, this definition refers to both ruling parties in the United States. As a free-thinker as well as moderate/volunteerist, our political system is corrupted from both sides. I don’t think the founding Fathers planned for our country to be controlled from a Left/Right paradigm. Both sides want equal control to rule and put policies in as they please to control the minds and hearts of individuals. Indoctrination starts in schools beginnig with the worship of the state.

The Pledge of Allegiance was created by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist Minister as well as a Christian socialist. He first pinned the pledge in a magazine entitled The Youth’s Companion 1892. Before this he sold flags to schools. During that time he sold as many as 26,000 flags to schools but when the flag business began to dry up he started to speak to school superintendents to promote his new idea: the pledge. The program began around the flag being raised followed by the pledge. A controversy arose with the induction of the Bellamy salute. He was the first to champion what became popularized by Mussolini and later by Hitler. Hitler copied almost verbatim  from Mussolini down to the uniforms; so much for originality. The salute was later changed with hand over the heart gesture. Eisenhower later encouraged congress to add “Under God.” Because of Bellamy’s socialist views and his belief  in the rights of individuals and of equal distribution of economic resources, he was force to leave his church in Boston. He said his beliefs had always come from the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

Political pundits decry socialism but, again, isn’t all government socialism? Don’t both sides want to control certain parts of the economy or all of it? While I believe Bellamy had a different idea the flag worship and pledge of allegiance is used to indoctrinate young kids to believe in an idea,  it’s a form of worship that should only be made for the creator.  America is no different from any other country that proposes worship of the state. People are free to do as they please but it doesn’t make one more patriotic. I believe it makes one more beholden to a failed idea.

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I’m amazed at how divided the country really is. People try to act as if it is cohesive and everything is fine…based on what? I’m tired of silly assumptions of what something is. Our country is in the midst of turbulent issues brought upon us by us. To study or simply look at an issue, you have to look at all sides. To deal with things that uniquely affect individuals, you have to hear from those individuals.  A few issues are bothering me. First, a hack radio host/blogger  Barbara Espinosa called the President a monkey. Whether she realizes it or not, she’s calling all black people monkeys, better yet, she’s calling all black Conservatives monkeys too. To add insult to injury, she kept repeating, “I voted for the white guy.” This is the type of stupidity I absolutely HATE. How does this advance the dialogue: it doesn’t. It divides evermore.

My second issue is with journalism vs. blogging. I’m happy to say, I’m a blogger. Libergirl is a trained journalist who has a bachelor’s degree to show for it. Most radio talk show hosts are bloggers posing as journalists. That’s not really a fair critique since blogging is a rather new forum but you understand my point. The big loud mouths don’t have degrees from accredited universities; see there is something to this luck thing.

The third thing bothering me is a letter that a black conservative woman named Dr. Ada Fisher wrote. I don’t have an issue with black conservatives but my one issue with them stems from their wanting to be so accepted that they belittle this man, President Obama. Conservative white presidents have been undermining the office for decades without any outcry from black conservatives about them overstepping the constitution. It seems the thing to do is to trash this guy for political expediency, how did it work out for John Lovitz? Her column almost made me puke, she pointed and threw everything the President’s way. Sometimes it goes to show that simply because you have Dr. at the beginning of your name, you can still be ignorant.

The problem that faces America is a left/right issue. Maybe it is time for us to start a party of the people who respect the rights of individuals. Maybe a Voluntarist Party, that sounds nice but we are going to continue to go on and on as usual. Every four years we hear, “this is the most important election of our time.” As a blogger I have a voice, as every one should have. I also have an opinion; except I’m not so deluded that I believe my opinion is the only one that matters. I have to say, I have no respect for higher up blacks disrespecting this President since they were too cowardly to speak out against their party or is it that they know their place?

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The Media and Trayvon Martin

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Recently Touré  and CNN’s Piers Morgan had a Twitter and later an on air smack down over the Trayvon Martin murder case. Touré took exception with how Piers interviewed George Zimmerman’s brother on his show and tweeted during the broadcast, “Piers did not challenge Robert Zimmerman the way a professional journalist should.”  Touré tweeted more calling Piers unprofessional and adding that Zimmerman’s brother’s telling of the night of the shooting made no sense. There was more tweeting between the two and before the night was over Toure’ was a twerp and Piers was damaging America and the two made a date to hash it out on Piers’ show. Welcome to journalism 2012 where opinion is often dispensed as fact and social media, blogging and  has given everyone a shot at journalism whether you went to school or not and ratings drive coverage, often, over a cliff. I wonder what kind of ratings Piers got the night of his showdown with Toure’?

I for one have mixed feelings about this fragmentation of journalism especially newspapers but I like that stories that once would have gotten no attention, such as the murder of Martin, now have to be covered by the mainstream media who either cover it or get left behind by the other networks. I don’t, however, like the fact that this same news media can just plain overdo things such as some of the coverage on the Trayvon Martin case.

If you followed this case even just a little by now it feels old and tired. As you know there is a danger in trying this case in the media and many of the pitfalls have already revealed themselves such as the newly formed George Zimmerman Fund to help his legal defense and the vilifying of a teenager who like many other 17-year-olds was just trying to figure it all out. The push back is already beginning with some black people saying well why aren’t we more outraged at the countless killing of black men and boys all the time. I can’t answer that except to say that Martin may have been the tipping point but I will say that this outrage should be spread to future unjust murders of black men and boys. And a good dose of it spread to eradicating poverty, fighting for equal rights for all and a plethora of other daily injustices.

I’m reminded of another rush to judgement, the Duke LaCrosse case. At the time I was working for the News & Observer in Raleigh, NC and we were cautioned NOT to rush to convict in the pages of the newspaper but that didn’t stop the full-on assault in the media and when it all turned out to be a hoax by the accuser, mostly everyone in media had egg on their face.

Let me be clear I’m for justice for Trayvon, I just worry that the longer it’s played out in the media the better Zimmerman will look and the fact that an unarmed teenager was shot twice will get lost in all the other crap and that would be a crying shame.

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