New Jersey papers: Chris Christie must resign

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Image: John Minchillo, AP

What an embarrassment. What an utter disgrace.

We’re fed up with Gov. Chris Christie’s arrogance.

We’re fed up with his opportunism.

We’re fed up with his hypocrisy.

We’re fed up with his sarcasm.

We’re fed up with his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda.

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GOP Candidates Rally As Nevada Voters Head To Polls For Republican Caucus

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Image: CBS New York

Donald Trump has his eye on the prize, while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz prepare to battle it out for second place.

The Nevada Republican caucuses take place today — and after a big win in New Hampshire, Donald Trump has his eye on the prize, while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz prepare to battle it out for second place.

On the eve of the state’s GOP caucuses the Republican front-runner did not hold back slamming a protester, saying: “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell you that.”

Trump also bashed rival Ted Cruz for what he called dishonest campaign ads, CBS2’s Don Champion reported.

“This guy is sick there’s something wrong with this guy,” Trump said.

In the days leading up to Tuesday’s Nevada caucuses, Marco Rubio’s campaign office in Las Vegas buzzed with activity.

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Chris Christie’s Terrible Vaccine Advice

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Last I checked, Chris Christie isn’t a licensed commercial pilot, which is one reason he probably doesn’t phone the cockpit with instructions when his flight encounters turbulence. Chances are, he doesn’t tell his plow operators how to clear a road when New Jersey gets hit by a snow storm either. But when it comes to medicine, the current Governor, former prosecutor and never doctor evidently feels pretty free to dispense advice. And doncha’ know it? That advice turns out to be terrible.

Asked about the ongoing 14-state outbreak of measles that has been linked to falling vaccination rates, Christie—the man who prides himself on chin-jutting certainty—went all squishy. “Mary Pat and I have had our children vaccinated and we think that it’s an important part of being sure we protect their health and the public health,” he said. “I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice…

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Once fabled Atlantic City hits free fall

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Image: ob Deutsch, USA TODAY

This summer, even Pinky is blue.

That’s Pinky Kravitz — the Voice of Atlantic City, Chairman of the Boardwalk, the New Jersey city’s biggest and oldest booster, a man who is relentlessly, famously, sometimes improbablypositive.

“Yes, I’m discouraged,” he admits. He turns 87 on Friday, still at the mic of his daily radio show, Pinky’s Corner, after more than 55 years on air. “Who wouldn’t be discouraged with so many people being thrown out of work? People are saying ‘What are we going to do? Where are we going to go?”’

The problem: Casino gambling, which when legalized four decades ago was supposed to help Atlantic City reclaim its pre-air conditioning, pre-jet travel, pre-Las Vegas glory, is besieged by out-of-state competition.

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, now New York State — “We never thought we’d be surrounded,” he says.

But even in the years when buses rolled in from all over the East Coast, gaming wealth never spilled very far into the shabby neighborhoods in the casinos’ shadows. Gaming tax revenues only bolstered the bankrupt local politics.

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New Jersey Has Paid More Than $3 Million For Christie’s BridgeGate Defense

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Added to the nearly $1.1 million billed for work done in January, that brings Christie’s office’s legal bills related to the George Washington Bridge scandal to $3.26 million, without yet taking work done since March into account.


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GOP’s Woman-Haters Club Swells: Why Their Hatred Is Actually Getting Worse

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In the recently released report he commissioned on the bridge closing scandal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s lawyer depicts the client as the innocent who was ensnared in the web woven by an “emotional” woman. No longer is Bridget Anne Kelly his hardworking deputy chief of staff, doing the bidding of a canny, no-nonsense governor; instead, she is your run-of-the-mill hysterical female lashing out against the multitude of commuters to get revenge, somehow, for being dumped by a guy.

Does this scenario make any sense? Why is it so common to subject to psychoanalysis a public official who is a woman? Why must she be cast as the dangerously “emotional” one in a political drama that paints Christie as a properly sensitive, duly caring public servant with “heartfelt” concern for his staff? Kelly’s attorney reacted to the obvious gender bias: “The report’s venomous, gratuitous, and inappropriate sexist remarks concerning Ms. Kelly have no place in what is alleged to be a professional and independent report.”

The Christie report’s sexist motif cannot be treated in isolation. The evidence suggests a deep-seated hatred that calls to mind the hatred directed at President Obama for his oft-imagined illegitimacy. Just like the knee-jerk “You lie!” and “subhuman mongrel” that Obama unfortunately has to hear, sexist remarks from thought-deprived men are more than an eye-rolling distraction. “Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen” is not a dead ideology; insidious remarks about women’s “natural” helplessness are automatic in certain circles. They keep popping up like an annoying Whack-a-Mole. Can we figure out what’s going on?

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Bridge scandal isn’t bringing down Christie’s RGA fundraising

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