Ted Cruz warns of “Watergate-style blowout” in 2018

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Wealthy conservative donors and influential Republican lawmakers say they increasingly fear a historic backlash at the ballot box next year if the GOP effort to pass a sweeping rewrite of the nation’s tax laws falls short in the coming months.

Image: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Lincoln Center

At a two-day midtown Manhattan summit of the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers’ powerful donor network, GOP patrons, senators and strategists spoke in cataclysmic terms about the price they expect to pay in the midterm elections if their tax reform effort does not win passage.

They voiced concerns a demoralized Republican base would stay home, financiers would stop writing campaign donation checks to incumbents and the congressional majorities the party has built in the House and Senate could evaporate overnight.

To head that off, the same Republicans said they are waging an intense, multi-front effort in and outside of Congress and the White House to shepherd the endeavor to the finish line.

Koch network officials said they have invested more than $10 million this year in advocating for the GOP tax plan.

Art Pope, a major conservative donor from North Carolina, put it this way: “When you have lack of success, that may depress voter turnout for Republicans, that may depress donations for Republicans and conservatives.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) warned that Republicans could face a “Watergate-level blowout” in the midterm elections if they don’t make major legislative strides on taxes and health care, invoking the political scandal that brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency and set back the GOP considerably in subsequent elections.

“If tax reform crashes and burns, if [on] Obamacare, nothing happens, we could face a bloodbath,” said Cruz, who spoke in a moderated discussion.

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Post analysis shows Koch brothers raised $400 million for shadow political network

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Image: Raw Story

Image: Raw Story

An analysis by The Washington Post and the Center for Responsive Politics published Sunday revealed that Koch Industries-backed entities operating in the opaque world of political dark money raised more than $400 million during the 2012 election cycle largely from anonymous donors.

The Post and CRP examined 17 conservative groups that made up the Koch network of loosely-affiliated organizations and found that they had raised at least $407 million during the 2012 campaign. The amount is comparable to the combined spending of all unions in state, federal and local races, and dwarfs all other sources of political spending in 2012 other than, perhaps, the Karl Rove-associated Crossroads super PAC and nonprofit group which brought in $325 million in the last cycle.

It isn’t clear, despite the Post analysis, how much the Koch brothers themselves contributed to the affiliated groups, in part because they used complicated and sophisticated financial processes to shield the identities of donors.

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McConnell, Watergate and Mo’ (Campaign) Money

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The man who publicly said the single thing he and his colleagues wanted to achieve was to make President Obama a one-term president is at it again. Now Mitch McConnell(R-Kentucky) is whining about the Obama campaign’s criticism of conservative donors and even invoked Richard Nixon saying, “you’d have to go back to Richard Nixon to find the last time you had a group of people both through the campaign and through the power of the federal government really trying to harass and silence critics.” He feels it’s time to roll back the Watergate-era requirement for public disclosure of campaign donors and says the ban on secret contributions stifles free speech.

It’s ironic that McConnell brought up rolling back Watergate-era requirements, Sunday marked the 40th anniversary of the break-in which was fueled in part by secret campaign money. It’s clear now as it was then that money corrupts the system. Nixon’s lawyer, John Dean said as much believing that Watergate might never have happened without all that money sloshing around. That $20 million raised in four weeks in 1972 is nothing compared to today when tens of millions of undisclosed dollars have already flowed into the 2012 presidential race. Just last week, casino pimp Sheldon Adelson gave $10 million to the Romney dedicated PAC Restore our Future. Read that again…that’s a $10 million check from one man but at least he’s not hiding it. Nixon’s pickup men who roamed the country gathering checks and cash for his reelection campaign wouldn’t have to go far these days and they wouldn’t have to do it in secret because it’s all legal now. Obama’s gotten some million dollar checks too but his donors(like Bill Maher) have all seemed to disclose.

Many donors, especially on the Republican side, don’t want their business put out there, so to speak. Frank VanderSloot who owns cleaning products company Melaleuca wrote checks totaling $1 million to Restore Our Future isn’t happy his name was spotted on Federal Election Commission disclosures but he had to know he was fair game for journalists and that he might lose customers. The Koch Whores(Charles and David) have given millions publicly but there is no way to know how much they’ve really given because some of their donations go to so-called social welfare organizations which remain secret. They say they’ve been targeted too much like the target they put on the President the moment he took office.

Now McConnell is singing their blues but that wasn’t the case in 2003 when he said, “Money is essential in politics, and not something that we should feel squeamish about, provided the donations are limited and disclosed, everyone knows who’s supporting everyone else.” So why has that changed now to, “I don’t think everybody else in the country ought to have to pay that price as a condition for speaking out and being involved in causes that they feel strongly about.”

No one is stopping anyone from speaking out but with that you should be proud to write your check with you name in big bold letters. I don’t understand why you’d want to hide when you’re doing so much to help your man win the White House. I think even superdonors know that deep down inside they are buying the election and right now team Romney is large and in charge assuring that if money is the issue Obama will be a one-term president.


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