For the good of the party: It’s time for Donna Brazile to go

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For the good of the party: It's time for Donna Brazile to go

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It’s time for Donna Brazile to go.

Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz before her, Brazile has lost credibility as an honest broker at the Democratic National Committee. The DNC chair should be evenhanded — but, thanks to leaked emails, Brazile’s cover is blown.

At the same time that Brazile was publicly claiming to be neutral in the fierce Clinton-Sanders primary battle, she was using her job as a CNN political analyst to give the Clinton campaign advance notice of questions that would be asked during a CNN debate between the two candidates.

Yet Brazile seems tone deaf about her integrity breach — just as the Democratic Party establishment has been tone deaf about the corrosive effects of servicing Wall Street and wealthy contributors.

As the Washington Post reported a week ago, “Donna Brazile is not apologizing for leaking CNN debate questions and topics to the Hillary Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary. Her only regret, it seems, is that she got caught.”

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Emails show State Dept. helped Clinton Foundation donors get contracts for 2010 Haiti quake — report

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International efforts to help Haiti following the 2010 earthquake have come under scrutiny recently, specifically those involving the Clinton Foundation. By combining aid groups and the private sector, the foundation may have given its friends special treatment.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (C) chats with staff members during a tour to Kreyol Essence, a Haitian women owned and operated company in Mirebalais February 23, 2015 © Andres Martinez Casares

Image: Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters

Snyder emails detail state’s missteps in Flint crisis

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Gov. Rick Snyder was advised in late September that the state bore responsibility for Flint’s water problems because former state Treasurer Andy Dillon made “the ultimate decision” to let the city leave the Detroit system, according to emails released Wednesday.

The city later turned to corrosive Flint River water that caused aging pipes to release lead into the drinking water.

Image: The Detroit News

The emails, detailed in 274 pages released by Snyder on Wednesday, offered a rare peek into the internal deliberations of the governor’s office, which is typically shielded from requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

They shed new light on Dillon’s role in approving a request in April 2013 by Flint officials to join other Genesee County communities as customers of the Karegnondi Water Authority after a half-century of buying drinking water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

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Chicago Lawyers Consulted Rahm Emanuel Before Covering Up McDonald Video

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According to a series of emails obtained by The Daily Beast, Chicago lawyers made the decision to keep the shooting video of Laquan McDonald out of the public eye days after consulting Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

According to Emanuel’s own recollection, he met with city lawyers “towards the end of March” to discuss the contents of the video, which shows a police officer continuing to pump dozens of rounds into the 17-year-old as he laid motionless on the ground. After that meeting, emails show city lawyers “drafted settlement language to keep the dashcam video hidden for at least several years.”

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‘Disgraceful, criminal behavior’: Miami officers investigated over racist, crude emails

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Image: AFP Photo/Joe Raedle

Sixteen Miami Beach police officers are under investigation after exchanging racist and pornographic emails, officials said.

Some of the emails included cartoon characters making offensive remarks and another featured a fictionalized board game called “Black Monopoly,” in which every square said “go to jail”.

“Minorities and women were being demeaned in these emails that were sent between the officers, nude photographs were passed around and emails portraying offensive sexual acts were disseminated,” State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle told reporters.

Two of the accused officers in Florida are no longer with the force — one retired last year and another was fired this week in connection with the email incident. The two were the main instigators, authorities said.

The emails were sent to both personal and work accounts, and there were hundreds of messages exchanged in total, the Miami Herald reported.

In one instance, agents passed around an autopsy photo of a man controversially shot dead by police in 2011. Officials said they were investigating whether sending the picture was a criminal act.

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A power couple’s private turmoil

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Image: AP

As a gift scandal slowly ensnared Virginia GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell and first lady Maureen McDonnell last year, it was hard not to dwell on a basic question about the commonwealth’s top political couple:

What were they thinking?

Now, a 43-page federal indictment offers an extraordinary version of an answer. Text messages, emails and accounts of in-person conversations dating to 2009 depict a family that publicly appeared savvy about how it asserted the power of the governor’s mansion but privately was wracked by money fears and preoccupied with status symbols.

Maureen McDonnell’s anxieties are laid bare early. According to prosecutors, it was a month before her husband’s 2010 inauguration — a typically showy affair — when she emailed a senior aide to her husband about what she was going to wear.

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Emails tie Chris Christie staff to bridge flap

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Emails emerged Wednesday tying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s staff to the closing of lanes on a major bridge in September — shutdowns that caused massive traffic jams and sparked allegations that the closures were the result of political retribution.

The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate had denied his staff played a role in the lane closures and even mocked reporters for asking about the issue when it emerged months ago. He said a traffic study prompted the closure.

But the emails tell a different story, potentially undercutting Christie’s reputation as a truth-teller who doesn’t play political games.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Christie senior staffer Bridget Kelly wrote in an email to Port Authority official David Wildstein, a Christie ally, on Aug. 13, 2013, according to The Record newspaper.

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