The Fascists Are Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare

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The billionaire fascists are coming for your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And they’re openly bragging about it.

Right after Trump’s election, back in December of 2016, Newt Gingrich openly bragged at the Heritage Foundation that the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress were going to “break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model.” That “model,” of course, created what we today refer to as “the middle class.”

This week Mitch McConnell confirmed Gingrich’s prophecy, using the huge deficits created by Trump’s billionaire tax cuts as an excuse to destroy “entitlement” programs.

“I think it would be safe to say that the single biggest disappointment of my time in Congress has been our failure to address the entitlement issue, and it’s a shame, because now the Democrats are promising Medicare for All,” McConnell told Bloomberg. He added, “[W]e’re talking about Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.”

These programs, along with free public education and progressive taxation, are the core drivers and maintainers of the American middle class. History shows that without a strong middle class, democracy itself collapses, and fascism is the next step down a long and terrible road.

Ever since the election of Ronald Reagan, Republicans have been working overtime to kneecap institutions that support the American middle class. And, as any working-class family can tell you, the GOP has had some substantial successes, particularly in shifting both income and political power away from voters and toward billionaires and transnational corporations.

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Palin Pounces at CPAC

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I’ve never wanted to punch a woman, that is, until I watched Sarah Palin’s disjointed speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Committee(CPAC). What a nauseating empty-headed Republican(?) attack dog and what a waste of the 38 minutes I spent watching her spew so-called facts from her red binder of hate. She recalled that she was last in D.C. for the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally; yup she was though she wasn’t invited. She crashed the event that’s mainly for veterans. Some veterans didn’t like that either and expressed it while she rode around on(as she called them) Chopped Harley Hogs.

But this crowd welcomed her and chanted Sarah, Sarah mixed in with happy birthday wishes for her and she got right down to throwing the crowd red meat in the form of it’s all Obama’s fault. I loved it when she said we can’t wait, our country hangs in the balance, America has reached its tipping point. True these are tough times but her claims of government overreach and millions living in poverty are not new to the Obama administration. What about all those folks who went on food stamps before the so-called Food Stamp President even took office…ahem during the Bush II presidency. What about the Patriot Act, now that is government overreach cloaked in fear-mongering. On Obama’s jobs plan she quipped WTF, so is the President supposed to create jobs or not. There seems to be some confusion in Republican circles.

Sister Sarah was on fire and reading from her own teleprompter in the form of her red book. The Mama Grizzly even got in on the crowd action chanting U-S-A with the crowd as they drowned out a group of protesters who were trying to interrupt her speech. She should have been interrupted because she wasn’t saying anything of merit and it’s so clear that she hates Obama because he’s smarter than her and oh the fact that Obama beat John McCain and her into the ground. Bitter!

The historian who’s never read a darn thing pointed out that never in this Republic has a president been so out of touch with the state of the union. Obama’s wearing rose-colored glasses y’all and the rest of us are blind with despair(my words). Excuse me but the leader of the free world is supposed to project positivity in the face of adversity. Obama should have reinstituted FDR’s fireside chats to get his agenda across to the people, Republicans really would hate his guts even more than they do now.

That’s Sarah for you though, you either love her or you can’t stand her. I can’t stand her and not because she’s a Republican(?) woman but because she just really doesn’t stand for much at all. If she did she would have thrown her hat into the presidential ring, she popular enough but again she’d rather berate the President than actually work.

There was a time when Sarah stood for something and was a hero of sorts especially to the people in her home state of Alaska. She raised taxes on oil companies’ revenue from the state which some saw as risky and taking on big oil but that increased revenue(from the tax) flowed to the people. She also called out members of her own party in Alaska accusing them of ethical lapses but that was then and this is now. Well at least she can say she was a maverick but these days she just needs to shut the hell up.

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