Study: South should spend on schools, train homegrown talent

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As teachers in multiple states protest for better pay, a new study warns that the fast-growing South region must invest more in public schools and higher education to ensure its homegrown talent shares in its economic prosperity.

The State of the South 2018 report, released Tuesday, found that 13 states across the region have failed to adequately invest in public schools, higher education and other resources to prepare the next generation of workers. At the same time, the region has relied heavily on an influx of newcomers with college degrees to fill higher-paying jobs.

Those discrepancies indicate that the region’s commitment to improving public schools and higher education has eroded since the Great Recession that started in 2007, the study said. Eight out of 10 southern children are educated in public schools, yet “a decade of budgetary austerity has left most states with a lower relative level of public investment in public schools and higher education than before the Great Recession,” according to the report.

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Demagogue Joe Arpaio Announces Senate Run in Arizona

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Can we please banish really old, racist men from running for office?


Image: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Joe Arpaio, the polarizing 85-year-old immigration hard-liner pardoned by President Trump after a conviction for criminal contempt, announced on Tuesday that he is running in Arizona for the United States Senate.

The move by Mr. Arpaio, who just six months ago faced a jail sentence before he was pardoned, upended the race to replace Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican who abandoned his 2018 re-election campaign after coming under criticism from Mr. Trump.

The contenders for the seat include Representative Kyrsten Sinema, a centrist Democrat, and Kelli Ward, a conservative Republican and former state senator who aligns herself with Mr. Trump. Mr. Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, lost his own re-election bid for that post in 2016 to Paul Penzone, a Democrat and Phoenix police officer.

“I got a little disturbed about how some people in the Senate were treating the president,” Mr. Arpaio said in a telephone interview, explaining the motivations for his decision. “I think I can bring some new blood to Washington.”

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US immigrant population at record level, with Asians set to overtake Hispanics – study

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A new study finds that the immigrant population in the US has reached an all-time high, with more immigrants arriving from Asian countries than anywhere else. If the trend continues, Asians will make up a majority of immigrants in the US.

On Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released a study that used data from their previous statistical portraits of the immigrant population in the US from 1960 through 2015 in order to answer some questions about the current state of the immigrant population.

The data showed that while there were a record 43.2 million immigrants living in the US in 2015, there was a greater concentration of immigrants in the country in 1890, when 9.2 million immigrants comprised 14.8 percent of the total population.

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The immigrant population has been growing in the US since 1970, when they only made up 4.7 percent of the total population. The study cited the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act as the tipping point.

READ MORE: Mexican illegal immigrant population in US lowest since 2009 – study

The study shows that the majority of the immigrants in the country are legal, with 24 percent of the population considered “unauthorized.” That population tripled from 3.5 million in 1990 to an all-time high of 12.2 million in 2007. That number dropped to 11 million by 2015, when unauthorized immigrants accounted for 3.4 percent of the total US population, according to the study.

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By origin country, immigrants from Mexico make up 27 percent of the total immigrant population, the largest population from any single country. In a distant second, immigrants from China and India each make up 6 percent of the immigrant population.

Asians, however, are predicted to become the largest immigrant population in the US by 2055, according to the study. In 2065, Asians are expected to make up 38 percent of the immigration population, while Hispanics will only account for 31 percent.

In 2015, India was the top origin country for immigrants arriving in the US, with 110,000 people coming to America that year. When taken by region, immigrants from south and east Asia make up 27 percent of all immigrants, the same share as Mexico.

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The study claims around 1 million immigrants arrive in the US each year, and they are projected to make up 88 percent of the population growth in the US through 2065 if current trends continue.

Nearly half of the immigrants living in the US reside in just three states, with 25 percent in California, 11 percent in Texas and 10 percent in New York. California had around 10.7 million immigrants in 2015, according to the study.

The majority of immigrants live in just 20 major cities, with the largest populations in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.

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The study found that immigrants were less educated on average, but half of the immigrants over the age of five were considered “English proficient” in 2015, according to the Pew study.

Immigrants make up 17 percent of the total labor force, with 8 million unauthorized immigrants. Nearly half of the unauthorized immigrants work in either service or construction jobs.

Former President Barack Obama deported around 3 million immigrants between 2009 and 2016, more than former President George W. Bush, who deported 2 million between 2001 and 2008.

While the number of deportations went up slightly in 2016, Americans’ views of immigrants have significantly improved with the majority, 63 percent, saying immigrants strengthen the country “because of their hard work and talents.” That same view was only held by 31 percent of Americans in 1994.

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Never Too Late To Call OUT an IDIOT!

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I don’t know how I missed this last month but even today it’s PRICELESS.

Dear Politicians…especially card-carrying Repubs who call themselves Christians stop yelling at migrant children on buses or this might happen to you…

GOP Congressional Candidate Mistakes YMCA Campers for Migrant Kids




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News Alert: Newt Gingrich promises gas will only cost $2.50 upon him being elected President…LOL!

Wednesday night I watched the 51st? GOP Debate. We act as if we don’t like them but secretly we do. They remind me of spoiled milk; for some reason you take one last whiff before you throw it out. They spoke on everything but the economy. Let me say first, I thought Uncle Fester(Ron Paul) won.  He’s been consistent and Wednesday night he just made more sense. I did have some issues and wanted to share them. One was the glaring lies about the shrinking military, Obama gets blamed for everything under the sun. It was Bush Sr., who started shrinking the military. It was a program called early on; Bush wanted a smarter,smaller and more tactical military. I know this all too well, I was serving during that time. Check me out!

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Another glaring inconsistency has to do with Newt and the quoting of Ronald Reagan concerning illegals. If my memory serves me correctly wasn’t it Reagan who was for amnesty for illegals. My question is rhetorical, he was for amnesty for illegals. People better start recognizing they make up an important part of our economy. Ask Texas, Alabama and Georgia how they are faring on their farms. Romney took the prize, though, for the biggest lie, he said liberals get upset when sex education is talked about. I almost fell off my seat. Conservatives like to think their children are innocent and the talk of condoms and sex is filthy and ungodly. They also take this stance if their offspring comes up pregnant. It’s important as parents we cover all bases and leave no stone unturned.

It’s time this conversation returned to schools; we need to start seriously talking about changing the curriculum to one that is uniform nationwide. We also need to look at the benefits of year-round and charter schools before someone tries to privatize them.

The President apologized for the Quran burnings in Afghanistan. I understand why he did, they show reverence to a book with such passion. Two soldiers were killed behind this and they continue to protest. All I can say is calm down, it’s just a book. It should be in your heart. If someone burned my Bibles I would be upset, only because some of them cost $70.00. The President is simply acting as a diplomat, showing some type of diplomacy while others look at it as a weakness.

When does discipline go to far? A stepfather in Florida disciplined his kids using a shovel and a knife. Is this discipline or abuse? I believe in spankings not beatings. I remember the “go outside and get a switch days.”  When I spanked my kids I told them don’t take it personal, it was my job to prepare them for what’s out there in the world and to teach them how to deal with it. I wanted problem solvers not problem children. Parenting is difficult enough and most parents fail daily but it’s important for them to have a healthy level of fear(toward you) and not be treated as friends. They will respect you as they start to endure real life.

I want to share a story about my daughter. She started hearing about kids and spankings and how schools would call child services. I knew she was joking when she said if we touched her she would call child services but I give her the phone anyway. I reminded her that while we continued to live in the same place, her new home may have 15 new brothers and sisters.  She thought twice about making the call.  As I said parenting is a difficult job, so I believe in teaching them as well showing love. I’ll one day be their friend when they grow up, get married, have kids and finally cut the umbilical cord.

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