Demagogue Joe Arpaio Announces Senate Run in Arizona

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Can we please banish really old, racist men from running for office?


Image: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Joe Arpaio, the polarizing 85-year-old immigration hard-liner pardoned by President Trump after a conviction for criminal contempt, announced on Tuesday that he is running in Arizona for the United States Senate.

The move by Mr. Arpaio, who just six months ago faced a jail sentence before he was pardoned, upended the race to replace Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican who abandoned his 2018 re-election campaign after coming under criticism from Mr. Trump.

The contenders for the seat include Representative Kyrsten Sinema, a centrist Democrat, and Kelli Ward, a conservative Republican and former state senator who aligns herself with Mr. Trump. Mr. Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, lost his own re-election bid for that post in 2016 to Paul Penzone, a Democrat and Phoenix police officer.

“I got a little disturbed about how some people in the Senate were treating the president,” Mr. Arpaio said in a telephone interview, explaining the motivations for his decision. “I think I can bring some new blood to Washington.”

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Arizona sheriff orders armed ’posse’ to patrol schools

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Arizona sheriffs and the state’s attorney general are pushing controversial programs to allow school officials and volunteers to carry guns in the wake of the shootings at a Connecticut school that left 20 children dead.

The latest proposal comes from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-described toughest sheriff in America, who wants to station his “posse” of volunteers outside of about 50 schools in Maricopa County within a week, according to KPNX, a local NBC station.

“Everybody else is talking about what their ideas are. They want new laws. This is immediate. I don’t need a new law to send out my posse,” he told NBC affiliate, KPNX, on Thursday. “I feel like we should do whatever we can outside of the schools.”

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Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio to take stand at profiling trial

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Image: AP

An Arizona sheriff known nationally for his hardline stance on illegal immigration is expected to take the witness stand Tuesday and face allegations that his trademark immigration sweeps amounted to racial profiling against Hispanics.

Lawyers who say that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office disproportionately singled out Latinos in the patrols accused him of launching some sweeps based on emails and letters that don’t allege crimes, but complain only that “dark-skinned people” are congregating in a given area or speaking Spanish.

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During the Nevada Presidential Debate Jon Huntsman decided to not show up but instead have personal protest about Nevada’s encroachment on New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary status. Count how many networks have held debates. I mean really count. Unless you lost your voice you are a quitter. You can’t sit(or stand in this case) on your behind for two hours, yet you want to run the country. This is another example of why the Electoral College should be absolved. Nevada is only worth six electoral votes and I’m still confused on the big deal of Iowa’s six and New Hampshire’s four except for the caucuses are being held there. Other than that the candidates should buy homes in swing states. Let’s get rid of this antiquated system once and for all; we can only hope-WTF!

Herm Cain wasn’t joking when he made the ignorant statement that got him in hot water. Don’t act so surprised by his comment. Every conservative wants to be the toughest on the borders. I’ve heard mention of putting alligators along the border. Isn’t it a coincidence Herm was meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Notice the Sun/Mon conflict. Sunday the candidate says something stupid and Monday their base frowns and they recant what they said. Herm has single handily,in one swoosh, killed two voting bases. While in Arizona he pretty much said he was only apologizing for the ones he offended, “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa”-WTF!

I like The Last Word‘s Lawrence O’Donnell’s comment on immigration. He said they built this country. Notice how immigrants want to come in today but are treated so harshly. That’s a bit disturbing. I’m speaking of people, I know personally, who have shown me their family and history, yet they are not for modern-day immigrants. They say it has to be done rationally and fairly-WTF!

QUESTION-What is a neocon?

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