Baltimore Mayor Pugh and Laura Ingraham Go At It Over Gun Protest

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Big Ed Schultz put his foot in his mouth this time or did he? During a radio rant he referred to Laura Ingraham as a right-wing slut a…” talk slut”. He was being an apologist for President Obama. I understand what he meant and most America do as well. It is what it is. The President is under a microscope every-time he does something that’s precieved wrong. Ed was simply pointing out the hypocricy of Ingraham who years earlier praised Raygun for drinking a beer overseas but was now condemning Obama for doing the same -WTF!

What can I say about Alan West, what a gigaboo. He dances the jig for the man. He brags of being a war monger but he’s no more qualified  than anyone else. He was but a low level stooge in the military. They should have prosecuted his dumb ass to the full extent of the law. Who needs to get shot at for a point to be made. Thanks for being a sambo-WTF!

Are the gays ever going to get a break?  I’m not saying I’m in complete favor of DADT, I see the huge problems it presents on both sides. If you pass something, honor it. It’s crazy to pass a law, then the ones who are suppose to benefit can’t. They still cannot come out openly without the fear of being severely penalized-WTF!

This week Herman (straw-man) Cain, Mr. free at last made a huge gaffe concerning Israel. While most people wouldn’t know what “the right of return” is/was.  Most members of the “Right” claim to be Israel lovers. They never speak of the massive amounts of foreign aid we give and it never seems to be a problem. While Palestine attacked a rag tag country, Israel fought back and drove them out. They declared their  independence in 1948. Here’s the irony, they’re suppose to give the Palestinians land which they tried to take from them  in the first place. WTF!

John Jones

The NON-Conformist

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