White House asked Pruitt not to eat lunch at West Wing mess hall so often: report

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt used the White House mess hall so often that Cabinet members were warned not to treat the exclusive restaurant as their personal dining hall.

Politico reported Thursday that Pruitt’s frequent use of the restaurant prompted the warning during a Cabinet meeting last year, adding that there were only a few tables available in the Navy-run restaurant open to White House officials and Cabinet members.

Image: Andrew Harnik, AP Photo

A source close to Pruitt told the news outlet that the message for the EPA chief at the meeting was clear: “We love having Mr. Pruitt, but it’s not meant for everyday use.”

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Baltimore Mayor Pugh and Laura Ingraham Go At It Over Gun Protest

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Not on the Obama-Romney lunch menu: Friendship

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Image: AP

Lunch is on the menu, but that’s probably about it.

For President Barack Obama, the meal he’s having with Mitt Romney at the White House on Thursday is another important post-election, post-partisan moment. For Romney, it’s a chance to make sure his last impression on the political consciousness isn’t all about the word “gifts.”

But like most Washington rituals, the former rivals’ get-together is expected to be more symbolism, less substance.

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