Those who Boycott Facebook, Should Also Boycott The Democratic Party

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Those who Boycott Facebook, Should Also Boycott The Democratic Party

In the spirit of Harriet Tubman, we need to free Black America from the grip of the imperial Democratic Party plantation.
“Both parties have also been equal opportunity imperialists.”
In light of the NAACP’s one-week boycott of Facebook , based on recent allegations that so-called “Russian Trolls” may have targeted African-American voters as a means to “influence” the so-called outcome of recent elections, it is my hope that the NAACP would also call for an even more righteous boycott of the Democratic Party. After all, the Democratic Party has an even longer track record of manipulating African-American voters to solely vote for candidates from their fraudulent political organization, no matter how many times they lie to the Black Community.
The white liberals that run the Democratic Party plantation have never had any real concern for ensuring that the Black Community receives justice for the over 400 years of oppression that has been doled out to the Black Community. The Democratic Party is as ruthless and duplicitous as the Republican Party. This may be a painful, yet important, dose of truth serum for many people to psychologically imbibe. However, it is necessary if the Black Community is to take an important, giant, step towards political (and social) liberation from the United States’ two-party dictatorship. Both the Democrats and Republicans have ushered in racist and draconian policies that were aimed at hyper-policing communities of color, imprisoning millions of black and brown bodies in the nefarious US prison system, gentrifying (ethnically cleansing) communities of color, and both parties have also been equal opportunity imperialists—-murdering millions of innocent people abroad by way of war and indiscriminate missiles and bombs. Yes, both political parties have done this! Yes, both!
“The Democratic Party has a long record of manipulating African-American voters.”
In 2008, the Democratic Party’s brilliant move to put forth a brown face — Barack Obama — further confused masses of African-Americans to believe that this political party was significantly different, or even “progressive” (whatever that means in 2018). However, the racist and regressive policies continued under Barack Obama, and in some cases even more so. The brown-faced Democrat (Obama) expanded the theater of war (including bombing the African continent) and deported more immigrants than any president in the United States history. Obama bombed all of the predominately Muslim countries that Trump banned, Obama greatly enlarged the federal system of detention centers for undocumented persons, and went after more whistleblowers than any president in US history.
“A mass exodus of black people from the Democratic Party plantation is long overdue.”
If the aforementioned facts do not convince you that there is little significant difference between the Democrats and Republicans, perhaps nothing will. After all, had a white Republican done those same things, many white liberals and misguided African-Americans would be rightfully indignant. We know this to be true because they are always indignant when a Republican does those evil things. However, they endorse it when a Democrat carries out the same crimes against humanity. A mass exodus of black people from the Democratic Party plantation is long overdue. Our political libration depends on it. Those of us in the “know” need to be modern-day Harriet Tubmans and help as many escape, who are willing to escape, by exposing them to cold, hard facts.
It is said that Harriet Tubman once said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves.” If she were alive today, perhaps she would be saying, I freed thousands of African Americans from the Democratic Party Plantation, I could have freed many more if only they knew that they were socially and politically rotting on a political plantation.”

By Solomon Comissiong/BAR

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Love him or hate him, Malcolm X deserves respect for courage, honesty

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Mural of Malcolm X and MLK Jr. “African Amalgamation of Ubiquity,” by Curtis Lewis, on the side wall of Operation Get Down, a drug rehabilitation center, 9980 Gratiot  Avenue, Detroit, 2008. (Camilo José Vergara)

Everyone should have models. W.E.B. DuBois is my model intellectual. James Baldwin is my model writer. Malcolm X is my model MAN!

Brother Malcolm’s birthday is here again. Quick, do you know the date? Probably not. Unfortunately, many people don’t. The day often passes in most spaces without much fanfare. No parades, no holiday, no television specials, no proclamations from the mayor … nothing. Yet, the wonderful and beautiful Malcolm remains! He continues to occupy a simultaneously calming and disquieting place in our nation’s psyche and conscience (at least on what’s left of this country’s continuously failing moral compass). He comforts us with his disarming, warm smile. He pricks us with his masterful rhetoric. He motivates us with his unconditional love of the people. He shames us with his critiques of black self-loathing. He emboldens us with his courage in the face of white racism and hate. As Ossie Davis proclaimed in his eulogy of Malcolm, even in death he remains “our shining black prince.”

In a country that claims to believe in exceptionalism, but actually rewards mendacity and mediocrity, Malcolm was truly stellar. Though not formally educated, he masterfully contextualized black struggle and articulated it in a way that resonated with everyday people like no one else could. He was incredibly intelligent, analytical, strategic, selfless, brave and dedicated. To this day, these are rarely encountered combinations.

Among many other things, Malcolm taught black people that “revolution” is not a dirty word — it simply means change. He made it clear that it is often twisted so that many immediately have visions of insane, bloodthirsty black men and women running through the streets with guns when it is mentioned. But Malcolm reminded us that revolutionaries are not necessarily, or even predominantly, violent and they are essential for the oppressed. In fact, if you are among the downtrodden or an ally of good conscience and do not want change in this mad society largely constructed by the greedy and mean-spirited, then it is you, not the revolutionary, who is insane.

Malcolm wasn’t afraid of change. God knows he went through many. He was myriad people — dislocated child, psychologically abused student, street-hustler, pimp, dope-dealer, addict, numbers-runner, self-hater, thief, convict, Nation of Islam minister, husband, father, orthodox Muslim, Malcolm Little, Detroit Red, Satan, Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. He grew with every iteration. What a blessing he was.

Love him or hate him, people must respect Malcolm because he moved, lived and breathed in this world with courage, conviction and pride. He fearlessly spoke his mind. He unfailingly told the truth. He coolly confronted callous whites and complacent blacks — especially those in power. He never ran. He seemed to occasionally look over his shoulder at hesitant brothers and sisters cowering behind him, flash that mesmerizing smile and say, “See, you can stand up with dignity and win. Look at me, I’m still alive. You can do it, too.”

Malcolm is gone now. Like many of our best — gone and safe. Now everybody loves him. Many selfish, fearful, individualistic free-riders who have benefited from his struggle without any risk to themselves now speak of Malcolm in glowing terms. Some well-behaved black folk even have pictures of him in their offices and homes. To be sure, he would not have graced their walls back in the day. They quote him even though very few would have stood with him. “By any means necessary” they say … until trouble comes. Then they disappear or switch sides. As the “Last Poets” said, they “love to talk like Malcolm (when there is no threat), but they didn’t love Malcolm.” Thankfully, even in the Age of Trump, these are safer times.

So, yes — it’s all right to love Malcolm now. You’d better love him! He deserves it, because he loved and labored us for so long when we hated and condemned him. He loved us when we didn’t even know how to love ourselves. So, love our shining black prince now and forever. Never forget him. Never dishonor him. Never allow the undeserving to adopt him and abuse his words or memory.

Happy Birthday, Brother Malcolm! Like Marcus Garvey, we will look for you in the whirlwind.

By Ricky L. Jones/CourierJournal

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Power vs. Equality: Malcolm X Sought Not to Change America But to Change Black People

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Today, May 19, marks what would’ve been Malcolm X’s 92ndbirthday. It also marks an appropriate time in the history of Black America to think about the ideological paradigm shift Malcolm ushered in during the 1960s that still holds some sway over a significant portion of those who are left-leaning organizers and social justice advocates. Enough sway that, even if not practiced by said leaders, it must be acknowledged as a touchstone of Black political thought.

Through his organizing, speeches and posthumously published autobiography, Malcolm almost single-handedly re-popularized the ideas of self-sufficiency, self-determination and Black nationalism. Malcolm X did not invent the concepts he espoused, those were learned from his parents as followers of Marcus Garvey, from his study in prison and, later, as the architect of the Nation of Islam’s growth under Elijah Muhammad.

Malcolm practiced the the art of creating power, not policy change. Creating institutions and organizations, cultural practices, agreements and governance in all areas of life. Financial, political, military, economic and social power was always Malcolm’s goal, even after he was forced out of the Nation. Malcolm, until his untimely death, attempted to create real community and society, ideas best suited to create the bonds of fraternity and the best path away from subjugation or exploitation from other groups, the very concepts that allowed the United States to exist and break away from its British brethren.

The exploration of such models of self-determination has always been attempted in limited ways by Black people in America, both during and post-enslavement. The ideas of maroon societies, creating Black cities, Black Wall Street and such are an outgrowth not only of fighting racial oppression but also of building Black-controlled spaces for development of Black people. The outcomes of these experiments were closely scrutinized by the dominant race and as Malcolm experienced himself, the experiments with creating power were terminated or marginalized via various methods when white people or the government institutions that protect the interest of some of those white people deemed those experiments dangerous or not in the best interest of the larger American project.

It is through this exercise of fighting all attempts of Black advancement that the dominant society, through its liberal wing and institutions, settled on accepting an ideological model that inspired hope among Black people while offering pride among liberal whites that they were better than their conservative counterparts: The equality model.

Except for the Garvey period in the early 1920s and an eight-year ascendancy of the Black Power movement from 1965 to about 1973, the dominant post-reconstruction theory of Black freedom in the United States has been based on an equality model. That model has certain pre-conditions that must be accepted by the minority group. The primary one is that the United States is innately moral and good and that any history of enslavement, genocide or militarism both here and abroad are aberrations and are not to be held up as the true character of the country. Once this “fact” is accepted, the minority group must then seek to reconcile its own existence in American society by accepting the inherent goodness of the majority population and the future hope that this goodness will pave the way for structural changes, allowing said minority to find its assimilated place within the culture and norms of the dominant group. The minority group must demonstrate through perseverance and persuasion that it deserves more rights and more access. The majority group, once assured of its own physical and financial safety from the minority group, may then allow more rights to the minority group on a trial basis. Those who qualify for the most additional societal rights are the leaders, who agree to practice the equality model to “open” this society up at a pace agreed upon.

The equality model survives as the dominant theory of change within the United States because of several factors: The use of propaganda, the threat of violence, the use of violence and, most importantly today, the sharing of some resources and access to institutional players and positions.

Propaganda is used effectively by the government and its leaders, the corporate media, civil society institutions, and arts and educational institutions to portray the United States as either infallible or just and righteous in its cause, whatever that cause may be. There is the acceptance of mistakes, but those are considered aberrations, including genocide and enslavement. The threat of violence as a system of control is constant. It is apparent in the number of people imprisoned, the institutions that surveil and the militarized nature of local law enforcement. The use of violence by the citizenry through ritualistic killings (lynching, church and home burnings, “stand your ground” killings and mass shootings) and the state criminal-justice apparatus (over-policing, extrajudicial police killings, discriminatory use of the death penalty) keep people scared of the possible consequences of government action.

Lastly, giving Black intellectuals and thought leaders access to funding, media and elite institutions persuades those leaders that, when confronted with the bright line of U.S. racism, it is in their best interest to step away from the natural conclusion that white supremacy is systemic and equality is, therefore, unachievable. Instead, these leaders suggest everything is fixable through protest and policy change. The resources given by liberal white institutions may be well intended, but they are given usually with the reassurance that the equality model will be the primary lens used to suggest change, despite any “radical” language needed to rile up the base.

The outcomes of this equality model continue to suggest that this equality, so long sought for, is no closer to being achieved than it ever was. From the continued disproportionate wealth gap to living conditions across racial lines, from educational gaps to the percentage of owners/leaders of almost every major U.S. institution, the idea that racial equality is an attainable goal is obliterated by almost any study you can find. Yet, those who struggle onward using the equality model keep plugging away. Is it that they can’t read the statistics? Are they blind to the election of a president who supports white supremacy attitudes and policies? Do they believe this is the only workable model? Or is it that, for those leaders, the access to positions and resources is too hard to resist? Some suggest that the soon-to-come demographic shifts that will reduce the population size of the white majority will give us more equality. However, the country of South Africa and every majority-Black city in the U.S. should serve as a stark reminder that mere population majorities don’t result in an equal sharing or redistribution of wealth, ownership or control.

Following the equality model may be good for thought leaders and nonprofit institutional leaders, but can it give substantial amounts of freedom from the fear of white backlash? As Malcolm X stated, “I just don’t believe that when people are being unjustly oppressed that they should let someone else set rules for them by which they can come out from under that oppression.”

By Kamau Franklin/AtlantaBlackStar

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“Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south.”

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I was having this argument with my father about Martin Luther King and how his message was too conservative compared to Malcolm X’s message. My father got really angry at me. It wasn’t that he disliked Malcolm X, but his point was that Malcolm X hadn’t accomplished anything as Dr. King had.

I was kind of sarcastic and asked something like, so what did Martin Luther King accomplish other than giving his “I have a dream speech.”

Before I tell you what my father told me, I want to digress. Because at this point in our amnesiac national existence, my question pretty much reflects the national civic religion view of what Dr. King accomplished. He gave this great speech. Or some people say, “he marched.” I was so angry at Mrs. Clinton during the primaries when she said that Dr. King marched, but it was LBJ who delivered the Civil Rights Act.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone exactly what Martin Luther King did, and it wasn’t that he “marched” or gave a great speech.

My father told me with a sort of cold fury, “Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south.”

More from HAMDENRICE  via Daily Kos

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Malcolm X’s Grandson Dead In Mexico

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Malcolm X’s Grandson Dead In Mexico

Image: Facebook

Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, has died while in Mexico. The news first broke when a family friend named Terrie Williams announced his death on Facebook and Twitter. TPM has independently confirmed his death through another source with close knowledge of the situation. According to an associate, Shabazz was beaten during a robbery Wednesday night in Mexico City.

Like his namesake, Shabazz, who was 28, was actively engaged in politics. Juan Ruiz, a member of the California-based labor organization Rumec, told TPM Shabazz was in Mexico City with one of the group’s leaders, Miguel Suarez who had been deported from the United States last month.

“He’s a supporter of our organization” said Ruiz. “He went to Mexico to meet with Miguel.”

A posting made Wednesday evening on Rumec’s Facebook page said Shabazz was in Mexico City with Suarez and wanted to share their story with local media.

Multiple members of Shabazz’s family did not respond to a request for comment from TPM. Officials with the State Department would not confirm Shabazz’s death.

“We are aware of the death of a U.S. citizen in Mexico City. We have been in contact with family members, and at their request we have no further comment at this time,” a State Department spokesperson said in response to an inquiry about Shabazz.

According to Ruiz, Shabazz died after being beaten during a robbery. Though Ruiz is currently in the United States, he said he had been in communication with Suarez who was with Shabazz at the time of his death.

More from TPM

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Go See Red Tails!

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This is not a critique of Red Tails, I haven’t seen it yet. It is, however, a plea to go see the movie.

Go see it!  It’s the first all black action movie where blacks are the lead characters. This is somewhat amazing to me, isn’t this 2012? Think about it!  Another reason is for the historical aspects of the movie. I always say I believe in American history not black history but that’s an argument for another day. I’m actually fine with both but I don’t want black history to be lost; I want it celebrated for all to see. Remember this is a fascinating account based on what took place during WWII; so much for isolationism in America. A third reason is the controversy surrounding this movie being made.

First, it was twelve years in the making, George Lucas shopped this movie to at least seven movie studios that declined, saying they didn’t know how to market this movie(code word for, ain’t touching it). How about saying this… it’s a historical movie and market it to educators and Patriots, that’s all of America(LOL).

The  movie studios fear this movie will not make any money and much to my chagrin I have to agree. Black movies of historical importance don’t fare well at the box office and are made to look like a failure. Malcolm X is a fine example, the tickets customers bought to see it were attributed to the sales of other movies, adding to their totals. Another example is the wonderfully made movie Amistad directed by none other than, Steven Spielberg. This movie opened limited then to wide release. It cost $36 million to make but only grossed $44 million, it was disappointing all around. Also on the list is Hotel Rwanda which barely broke even domestically.

Since blacks and Latino spend more on movies, what is the problem with why blacks don’t support movies of significance, Rosewood not withstanding?  And please do not use Tyler Perry’s buffoonery movies(not all are) as an example. Perry’s movies are black movie successful meaning they take $25 to 30 million to make and gross about $60 to 70 million. If you take that at face value it just breaks even with no overseas market.

Hollyweird banks heavily on the movie doing well overseas so it can reap its profit. Red Tails received the money it takes to make a good action movie ($60 million), from George’s Pocket. It’s going to be a wide release on 2,500 screens. To all the critics crying about a Jew making a black movie, I say look at the man’s wife; she’s black.

Please go see this movie, it will prove to studios that there is a market for movies with diverse characters. Hey, Mel Gibson did it with Passion of the Christ  and so did James Cameron with his blue movie, both went on to make billions  between them. In the word of U2 rocker Bono, “Let’s fuck up the establishment,” let’s go out to see RED TAILS.

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