Divisiveness within politics hurts the people who read articles that should speak to the heart of issues. As a moderate-social liberal, anarchist, conservative, libertarian and I’m sure I have many more hats parading as a moderate, I understand distinctions. They should be more rare than distinguishable though. I also understand this is the political season and lies will abound more assertively. Let’s take the Romneys, wow, they are their own worst enemies. The dog comment aside which didn’t help with the campaign, it actually hurt(PETA should be all over that one) plus the overall silliness of the other situation. I’m speaking of the Hilary Rosen so-called fake war on mom’s. Willard needs the female vote as well as the Latino vote so he says he confers with his wife about women. The question Rosen simply raised was how could she relate to the plight of today’s woman. The other question should be, how does “todays” woman relate to Ann Romney? It’s fair to ask, is she’s more worried about redecorating the summer beach house to entertain (my words) than the household budget, which is fine with me. Simply making an obvious point. How can she relate, when some women have to work to help with the household to make ends meet or to make things easier. There shouldn’t have been any animosity pertaining to Rosen’s comments, fake outrage aside.

Let’s look another issue that garners our attention: Ted Nugent. If you’re over 60 you may know the half-naked rocker running with a tail dangling from his ass calling what he does music; oh it’s debatable. Like the next person, I believe in free speech, I also believe personal attacks against any President should be off-limits though not attacks on his policies. What I don’t understand is all the fake outrage when all Obama has done is give gun rights advocates more leeway. Guns in national parks, which I personally think is corny yet it’s acceptable and lawful. I remember receiving calls from the National Rifle Association, I told them this President goes out of his way to not mention the word gun. What gets me most is the hypocrisy of these cowardly men who were draft dodgers, while wearing patriotism on their sleeves. They harp on Obama but gave Reagan a free pass for wanting amnesty for illegals. The National Defense Authorization Act started with George W. Bush and over-stepping of the Bill of Rights, same as the current President. The right knocked Bill Maher but not Ted Nugent, who has gone above and beyond name calling and irresponsible rhetoric, so much so the NRA website scrubbed his comments from their website. Romney needs to come out front and drop his endorsement and revive the JFK and Obama treatment of making useless speeches. Sean Hannity needs to disavow him too, since he considers himself a newsman. No, you’re an entertainer. My whole point is all of  this is how people can take a story and see two total opposites. It’s time to get back to simply giving the real story. I know sensationalism is the new news story. It’s all entertainment, but to whose demise?

Blacks have got to stop getting outraged over things that don’t matter. Are we really outraged over the Bachelor: trailer trash programming  dressed up to mimic real life. Nine or so pretty lonely woman vying for the affection of one jug head. “I have to sleep with all the women to see who I’m most capable with.” Protest something more worthwhile, this isn’t it. It serves as entertainment for a demographic but blacks would be the first to complain, “why are those fine honeys fighting over this one white dude.” Please, I’m begging you, do not protest this show for diversity. If you protest this program for more diversity, you should protest the porn industry too. It’s by far more racist than this show. Simply ask the black male porn(stars), I use the word “star” loosely.

It’s time for Rev. Al to stand down in the Trayvon Martin case. He did what he was supposed to do. The case now has legs and there will more than likely be a trail, thanks to his efforts.  Al, it seems now like your milking it, you may not be but it looks that way. Allow it to be played out in court.

“God hates Politicians.” Stop evoking your God in Politics, we don’t care. You say that Cantor’s budget was based on the Bible. What Bible? I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage from religious people. I forgot, you only count when it’s political season, to get your vote. Churches are ineffective and useless, they don’t know what they believe; only if it’s backed by the faith-based initiative dollars. If you need milk go to church, if you want meat; study to show though self approved. If I attend a fellowship, I want to learn how to live an upstanding life, not about who I should vote for. Billy Graham did stump for Nixon. Keep talking, I want that tax-exempt status removed.

The NON-Conformist