New York becomes first major U.S. city to issue cap on ride-hail vehicles – Chicago Tribune

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New York City is reining in the growth of Uber, Lyft and other app-based ride services with a temporary cap on new cars picking up fares.

The City Council approved a package of bills Wednesday that included a one-year moratorium on new licenses for for-hire vehicles while the city studies the rapidly changing industry.

The Council also voted to set a minimum driver wage equivalent to the yellow cab wage for app-based drivers.

Backers of the proposals said both the traditional yellow cab industry and drivers for app-based services are suffering as Uber cars flood the city’s streets. They said the growth of ride-hailing apps has also worsened traffic congestion.

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Hillary Clinton’s book signing was as insufferable as you’d expect

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Image: NY Post

Among the enduring criticisms of Hillary Clinton: Her sense of entitlement is limitless. She’s tone-deaf and doesn’t understand the average American — nor does she care to. Her greed is insatiable.

Add to this a gaping lack of self-awareness, and you have all the ingredients for the New York City launch of Hillary’s nationwide book tour Tuesday morning (also primary day, not that Hillary — who maintains she’s still here only for us — cares about that either).

Thousands of people lined up outside the Barnes & Noble at Union Square in hopes of meeting their idol. Some slept outside the night before. Clare Hogenauer, an older, disabled Upper West Sider, told me she rented a downtown motel room nearby. “I didn’t want to take a chance,” she said.

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More than 700 people have been murdered in Chicago this year

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Murders in Chicago have already topped 700 this year, police said on Thursday, as a surge in violence in the third largest U.S. city has sent the number of killings to its highest point in nearly two decades.

There were 77 murders in November, according to the Chicago Police Department, bringing the number of murders to 701 for the year to date.

Murders have surged 55 percent from the same period last year, according to CPD spokesman Frank Giancamilli. The murder rate is the highest since 704 people were killed in 1998 and 761 in 1997.

The number of murders in Chicago, a city of 2.7 million, exceeds those in Los Angeles and New York combined, according to data from the respective police forces. Both cities have considerably larger populations than Chicago.

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Rudy Giuliani: Obama doesn’t love America

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Black box data recorder recovered, eyed after deadly Metro-North derailment in New York

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Image: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

The black box data recorder was recovered from a commuter train that derailed as it hurtled around a sharp curve in the Bronx, killing four people and injuring dozens of others, investigators said late Sunday.

The device will be analyzed to determine what caused all seven cars of the Metro-North Commuter Railroad to jump the tracks near the historic Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx at around 7:22 a.m. ET on Sunday.

The train’s engineer told first responders when they arrived at the scene that he had hit the brakes as the train approached the turn, sources told NBC News on Sunday afternoon. He was a “respected veteran” with 20 years of Metro-North experience who suffered minor injuries, the sources said.

Passenger Dennis O’Neil told NBC New York he believed the train was going too fast. “It was coming towards Spuyten Duyvil and you could feel it starting to lean and it was like, ‘hey, what’s going on,'” he said. “And then it hit the curb real hard and flopped over and slid down the hill. A couple people were hurt very badly right in front of me.”

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Brooklyn Residents Hold Rally Calling For End To ‘Knockout Game’ Assaults

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Image: Monica Miller/WCBS 880

Brooklyn residents are taking a stand against the so-called “knockout game,” a violent trend in which youths sucker-punch unsuspecting strangers for kicks.

Community leaders and local residents held a rally in East New York on Friday in the hope of bringing an end to the assaults.

“We are stressed out, but we refuse to be knocked out in our community,” said Leticia Smith of the Brown Memorial Baptist Church. “We are asking our mothers to make a recommitment to pay more attention to our children.”

Several attacks have taken place in recent weeks in Brooklyn. The victims include a 78-year-old grandmother and a 12-year-old boy.

On Friday, police released surveillance photos of a man linked to an assault of an elderly woman in Brooklyn. Investigators said the 76-year-old victim was approached from behind and punched in the head while walking in East New York. She was treated and released earlier in the day.

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Effectiveness of NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk tactics is no big deal – report

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The actual outcome of the Stop-and-Frisk crime prevention program in NYC is essentially equal to any standard police operation, a report revealed. Despite great public discontent, police insist the benefits of the program are underestimated.

Image: Reuters/Eric Thayer

New York State Attorney, General Eric Schneiderman, prepared a report analyzing some 2.4 million stop-and-frisk precrime acts performed by the NYPD between 2009 and 2012.

The report claims that only three percent of these New York citizens were found guilty or convicted at trial.
New York AG believes this is the first analysis of its kind, as “until now, no known study has sought to assess what happens following arrests (of the stop-and-frisk program),” the report says.

The aggressive Stop-and-Frisk campaign of the NYPD, largely supported by the previous New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, actually split the opinion of the citizens of the metropolis.

Besides that, the fact that police stopped mostly Afro-Americans and Latinos, who comprised up to 87 percent of all police stops in 2012, only served to heat up the years-long debate about the program.

Schneiderman’s report has revealed that 51 percent of the total 150,000 arrests made over the last four years under the Stop-and-Frisk program have actually led to convictions or guilty pleas, which could hardly be called crime prevention. The remaining 49 percent led to no prosecution or a probationary period.

Also, the report maintains that nearly a quarter (24 percent) of stop-and-frisk arrests lead to incarceration.

Police chief spokesman, John McCarthy, dubbed the report as ‘flawed’ and lacking comprehension of how Stop-and-Frisk helps to deter crime.

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