State obesity rates could skyrocket by 2030

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About two-thirds of adults in Mississippi and several other states will be obese by 2030 if obesity rates continue to climb as they are now, an analysis reports today.
The levels of obesity, defined as being roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight, will be highest in these five states: Mississippi with 66.7%; Oklahoma, 66.4%; Delaware, 64.7%; Tennessee, 63.4%; and South Carolina, 62.9%.Mississippi has the USA’s highest obesity rate at 34.9%.
Colorado is predicted to be the state with the lowest obesity rate at 44.8% in 2030; right now, about 20.7% of adults fall into that category.
The prediction says that 13 states will have adult obesity rates over 60%; all 50 states would have rates above 44%. The lone exception would be the District of Columbia, projected to have an obesity rate of 32.6% by 2030.
Extra weight increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, sleep apnea and other chronic illnesses.
At this trajectory, “more people will have preventable diseases that will dramatically affect the quality of their lives, from type 2 diabetes to debilitating arthritis to heart disease,” says Jeffrey Levi, executive director of the Trust for America’s Health, a non-profit group that commissioned the analysis along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “The health care costs of obesity-related diseases would skyrocket by billions of dollars a year.”
If states could reduce their residents’ body mass index, a number that takes into account height and weight, by as little as 5%, it could help millions of people avoid those diseases and save billions in health care dollars, Levi says. For someone who is 200 pounds, that would mean dropping about 10 pounds, he says.
“We have a choice between two futures — one where obesity continues to rise at an unacceptable level, and another where we change the course. We know how to make a difference so fewer people have to suffer from obesity-related diseases. ”
Researchers at the National Heart Forum in London conducted the analysis using a statistical model that incorporated state-by-state obesity data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in which people self-report their height and weight in a telephone survey. Researchers adjusted for the fact that people tend to under-report their weight and over-report their height.
In another, more rigorous CDC study, people are actually weighed and measured. That data show that the national obesity rate was relatively stable in the USA from 1960 to 1980, when about 15% of people fell into that category. It increased dramatically in the ’80s and ’90s and was up to 32% in 2000 and 36% in 2010. Because obesity has inched up slightly over the past decade, some experts have speculated that the increase in obesity may be slowing down or leveling off.
Another analysis, released in May, suggested that overall, about 42% of Americans may end up obese by 2030. Justin Trogdon, a research economist with RTI International, a non-profit organization in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park who conducted the earlier analysis, says of the new prediction: “Although our study used the same CDC survey that they used, our methods allowed for a slowing in the growth rate. So that’s why we ended up getting lower growth rate projections than they did.
“The question is: Are there things changing in the environment that are going to change those rates of growth?”
Estimates on the cost of obesity-related illnesses vary from $147 billion a year to $210 billion a year, Levi says. Those costs would increase by $48 billion to $66 billion in 2030 if the obesity rate climbs at the projected rate, he says.
Some states and cities are making changes to make healthier choices easier for people, he says. Some ways to turn the tide: Increase time for physical activity and improve foods served in schools, as well as offer reasonably priced weight-loss programs in communities, Levi says.

by Nanci Hellmich/USA TODAY….Here’s how the states stack up:

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Federal task force wants obese Americans placed into counseling

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If you’re a US citizen, there’s a one-in-three chance that you’re also obese. Now after failed attempt after failed attempt at slimming down citizens, a federal panel is pushing to force overweight Americans into counseling.The US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) introduced their latest plans to help push down the obesity rate in America this week, and their newest effort calls for more than just urging people to exercise. The federal panel of medical experts is asking primary care physicians to put obese Americans into intensive counseling programs in order to combat the epidemic.

“Obesity is a very serious health problem in the United States, and in the past 30 years, obesity rates have dramatically increased,” Task Force member Dr. David Grossman, a pediatrician at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, says in the USPSTF press release put out on Monday. “The good news is that is that even modest weight loss can reduce health risks for people who are obese. And, there is strong scientific evidence that shows that intensive programs with 12 to 26 sessions in the first year can help people manage their weight.”

More from Russia Today(RT)

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A line needs to be drawn and we must have admittance. Michele Bachmann is mental and her husband is a closeted gay person. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time he or she has heard this said. What bothers me once again is they rail so much against big government yet they accept tax dollars; first for her many adopted children and for their business, the pray the gay out of you clinic. I’m living in bizarro world when it comes to them and that ilk. Also this idiot signed the marriage vow; what worthless piece of butt wipe. As usual they had to play the race card. It was so bad they had to omit what was previously there and yet again her people had to go into spin over drive. She didn’t know that was in the pledge; what…God didn’t tell you? She looking more and more presidential by the minute. This lady has some Chutzpah-WTF!


I write this in remembrance of  Jadon Higganbothan. He was the four-year-old shot in the head because Peter Lucas Moses leader of a cult in Durham, NC thought he might be gay. This is where gay rhetoric has gotten us. I’ve read some other places that some people blame Tracy Morgan. I Blame Peter Lucas Moses and I blame the mother for allowing this to happen. This is a perfect example of religion going wrong. I’m so disturbed by this that I’m at a loss for words. WHERE’S THE OUT CRY FROM THE RIGHT, WHERE’S MENTION OF THIS STORY. I guess since a Bible believer did it they want to hide or simply stay away from it. This is why I hate religion, you had a loon who thought of himself more than he should have. The Bible or any other religious book is dangerous in the wrong hands. Goodbye little Jadon, May your blood be AVENGED!

Government has gotten crazy. Should obese kids be taken from their parents and put in foster homes. The answer is no! Is this considered neglect, yes, up to a point. I don’t think any parent wants their child to be overweight. That stigma is bad enough for that child. Proper eating is a learned behavior. The food pyramid that we were taught as kids is wrong and insufficient. I believe parents are responsible for their children but how can you be held responsible for some you don’t know. All someone has to do is go the nutritionist, yea right. America is a scab that needs to be pulled in order for it to heal. We have so much finger-pointing and not enough solutions. I guess the answer is to separate families and create more issues than we already have-WTF!

Joke of the Day-Boehner’s face isn’t red because of a tan, it’s because the Tea Party keeps bitch slapping him.

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Calling The Tea Kettle Fat

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I usually don’t care what Rush “Pig Man” Limbaugh has to say. Michael Savage refers to him as “Hush Bimbo,”  but I like “Pig Man” a little better.  I am referring to the incident that took place on “Pig Man’s” program; the bashing of First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady started a program for kids to eat healthier in schools. First, this is nothing new from first ladies, from Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign to Laura Bush’s reading initiative, almost all are non-essential programs to keep them busy, pretty much.

The First Lady first started catching heat with the garden she started at “The Crib”. Mrs. Obama also started the Let’s Move Initiative, it’s a program that focuses on children eating properly followed by physical activity. “Pig Man” lambasted the first lady about her size and body weight. He went so far as to call her a hypocrite because she was spotted eating short ribs will on a ski vacation in Colorado. While others on his show disagreed with him, he said she needed to practice what she preached.

He continued onward about her not being as fit as a swim suit model. Let’s make a comparison. Who do you think people would want to see more, the First Lady in a swim suit or “Pig Man” bare-chested and in swim trunks? At 47 she looks damn good. Rush, the next time you stand with your wife, marveling why she’s with you; it’s  your money. Don’t feel bad about it though, it’s the cards you were dealt. She’d leave you tomorrow for George Clooney. Even money can make you look attractive, “Pig Man”.

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