Small Talk about Voting and Religion

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We have to look  evermore carefully at how we vote. The process is split into two camps. There’s the liberal leaning left and the conservative leaning right and then there is me in the middle, standing straight. I believe in the rights of individuals but I’m not a Constitutionalist. In these matters the Constitution favors the rights of the individual. Look at how it was written and secondly look at who wrote it. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, God isn’t mentioned in the Constitution and religion occurs only in one other place. Often people like to quote why we broke from the king’s rule, was it too create the same type of overbearing system? The Founding Fathers argued by what name  heads of state should be called. King was actually in the running before being voted against.

To get back to my point, people use the Constitution and Bible irresponsibly. Again we do not have a state religion and the Founding Fathers were pretty much irreligious. They were deist except for maybe one. They had a form of godliness but denied the power, they didn’t believe God interfered in the everyday affairs of man. For such men the Scripture says (2Tim 3:5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.  Avoid such people). That’s the Scripture talking, not me.

This is the crux that is dividing the country, enter today and all you hear is God, God, God and Constitution, Constitution, Constitution. We can never, per se, tell people how they should or shouldn’t vote,  we should, however, have parameters. Let’s take a look at a pesky issue like abortion; it’s a states rights issue and should be voted on by the individuals of that state, not by elected officials that are bought and sold as well as corrupt. The government is supposed to protect your rights as an individual and their power over your person is to be limited, yet we have given these same officials more power over us.

Since we are speaking in the present, we have a coming election that continues using wedge issues to snag  votes. Liberals in this sense are more true to form in protecting certain rights of individuals.

How are we voting and why? Conservatives generally use religious issues such as abortion or homosexuality as wedge issues. These issues  are so strong that they use them only in for whom they will cast their ballot. It is ludicrous to me  to look at it this way, isn’t God pro-choice? If he weren’t then the world would bow to him many times over. To use the Bible in your favor is to twist the Scriptures to fit your structure or critique. It’s senseless the amount of denominations, sects and off shoots there are. Religion is used the same as any other method to blindly control the minds of its converts. Within the Christian sphere of women’s rights (Eph 5:22: Wives, be in subjection unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord). John Lennon was correct when he wrote the powerful song, Woman is Nigger of the World. More


Real Rap about Abortion


Abortion is another issue that is hitting the airwaves, heavy, no thanks to Rick (Hitler) Santorum. Once again we are fighting issues that are more liken to a woman, but men are telling them what they should do with their bodies no less. I’m as perplexed as the next guy how men are so cavalier to talk about women’s issues. What most amazes me is how woman are so silent, especially the church mice. Believe me when I tell you this…the church from main-line to non-denominational are pounding pulpits and quoting ambiguous Scriptures, “The man is the head of the wife, Wives submit to your husbands.” I understand the roles within the familial construct. Before I continue let me share a bit of humor, the wife of a politician told her husband, unless you change you position, you ain’t getting any.

Today, however, I will be rapping about the issue of abortion. My book God, the Bible and Politics (coming soon to this site) balances the question and answers it from both sides. I’m going to take some heat with the question; who is more culpable, the man or woman? Are there creeps parading around as good men, that question remains. Both parties have a line of defense when the other’s breaks down. Someone has to take the lead, the responsibility, and as society dictates the onus is going to be put squarely upon the woman.

For the heat, I don’t like abortion, I think it’s murder. Believe me when I say I’ve looked at every issue, read many books, studied the Bible. Remember firstly, this is my opinion and I respect and(expect) everyone else’s. We really shouldn’t have abortions if people took the proper precautions; I’ve never impregnated a wife when using what’s available. We covered the easiest part: RESPONSIBILITY.

On the issue of murder, I believe at conception it’s a life. Sure it may be a blob with no construct, but within that zygote is the DNA. Mostly I believe it’s a patient/doctor issue especially for the states that do offer this procedure. Yes, I’m in agreement with allowing for the heartbeat to be heard and to show a picture of the sonogram. I don’t like the idea of a vaginal probe, it should make men cringe at the idea if it were a procedure we had to undergo as standard practice. I don’t like the idea of the morning-after pill either, I understand it’s the same concept, it’s more of the idea of taking it as an emergency. I like how it is advertised as “accidents do happen.” It’s my personal gripe, so please don’t take it to heart. Overall it is a States Right’s issue( between the doctor and patient) and no one should be privy to that information.

In the end it should be up to the woman if she is single and should be discussed if she’s married or in a committed relationship. The Scriptures forbade the behavior of premarital sex, not for want of the enjoyment but because of the headaches later. Honestly, no one view should be thrust upon a woman and made into a law. I understand the conscience behind children being born and thrown aside. I thought we were a democratic society but we are behaving more like a tyrannical one. And to all the Bible thumpers, the Bible is silent about the issue. You can find Scriptures that mildly pertain to the issue at hand but you really have to grasp for straws.

Lastly, women stand up and be counted and don’t let men, husbands manipulate you for regretting a decision you didn’t make. I’m for freedoms based on solid decisions and rationale, not DOGMA, and overall abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control.

The NON-Conformist

Contraceptives, Catholic Priests and Women


I’m starting to wonder how Catholic priests really feel about women. Allow me to say this up front, I don’t agree with most of what Catholicism teaches. Where should I begin, how about the subject of celibacy among its men? Is this really a directive by God to make such an arduous vow?

The Apostle Paul had a lot to say about marriage as well as relationships. This so-called vow is unnatural. Look at how this vow has rocked the Catholic Church. Here are a few Scripture to look at pertaining to celibacy (Math 19:10-12, 1Cor 7:1-9). I could also mention slavery and the history of the confessional and its sordid past but for now I want to deal with women and contraceptives. Instead of dealing with the actual issue people use children to argue the point, which is ridiculous.

The Scriptures themselves have something to say about this, though not so straightforward. (Gen 38:8-10) is the closest we have to the subject of contraceptives unless you speak of Eunuch’s who are impotent and celibate by way of castration. Scripture shows that O’nan in verse 9 of Genesis wasted his seed. Are we building an entire doctrine; a history of contraceptives on this one verse? The Bible speaks explicitly and specifically about sex. Both sons Er and O’nan were both wicked in God’s eyes; remember O’nan simply wasted his seed.

Sex is an act among believers that should be between a husband and wife. I believe it’s important within that framework. Both parents have roles that are for the importance of the conditioning of the child. Sex is meant to be enjoyed not simply for procreation. Look at  those who cheat or seek affection elsewhere, it’s not because they don’t love who they are with. Allow me to reframe the question, look at how both sexes cheat. It’s usually something that both people aren’t getting from each another; something  germane to them. Religious dogma is especially rigid within the Catholic Church; how is a celibate, impotent man supposed to teach you about good sex?

The Scriptures speak of the bedroom as undefiled (Heb 13:4). The interpretation of this verse is simple, what goes on within the bedroom is between both parties who agree. Sex is to be enjoyed for its pleasure and the oneness it gives. Oddly enough churches rail against Islam and its dogma, what about the dogma of Catholicism?  During Darrell Issa’s Congressional  hearings or “the sausage fest” as some have called it, where were the women? I have no problem with how churches run their business but why are women castigated and made to feel inferior, as if their opinion doesn’t matter when the issue is about them?

Lastly, and most important, what is the argument anyway? Should employees be mandated to pay for contraceptives or a woman’s right to choose? Unwanted pregnancies are high enough. Couples have to take responsibility for their choices. I myself chose to have a vasectomy; it was easier than allowing my then wife to have invasive surgery. I didn’t want a lot of kids I couldn’t care for properly and love adequately. As I want government out of my bedroom the same goes for the church.

The NON-Conformist

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