Brett Kavanaugh just got remarkably angry — and political — for a Supreme Court nominee

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Before delivering his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh assured us that only one other person had seen it. But it was as if it had been approved by President Trump himself.

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No, Kavanaugh didn’t go as far as Trump has by calling his female accusers “liars,” but he did take an unusually fiery, partisan posture against Democrats seeking to thwart his nomination. While judicial nominees almost always strive to appear above the political fray and not favor one party over another, Kavanaugh made clear he was furious — and he was furious at Democrats.

“Since my nomination in July, there’s been a frenzy on the left to come up with something, anything to block my confirmation,” he said. He referred to Democrats calling him “evil.” Then he turned directly to Democratic senators on the committee. “You sowed the wind,” he said, and “the country will reap the whirlwind.”

But it was also more direct and more partisan than that. Kavanaugh wasn’t just decrying the process — which he called a “national disgrace.” He was pointing the finger directly at Democrats and saying they alone were responsible for it.

This was a particularly bold move from Kavanaugh, given his biography. One of the potential knocks against him was that, before he was a judge, he was a Republican political operative — a high-ranking official in the George W. Bush White House, in fact. That always cut against the idea that he would be your average fair-minded judge, just reviewing the facts and applying the law. Everything Kavanaugh said Thursday will only confirm such doubts.

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How long will CHIEF Justice John Roberts remain among the living; will he be castrated by the Republican Party for upholding the individual mandate in the Affordable Healthcare Act?  For all intents and purposes Repigs have gone cuckoo since the high court upheld the mandate. Word is Roberts had originally been with the conservative justices before flipping and going over to the side of his liberal brethern and sister. Many an editorial has been written both praising but mostly slamming Roberts for his so-called conservative betrayal and the conspiracy theroies are in full force with that douche Michael Savage saying it was Roberts’ seizure medicine that had him all foggy and writing opinions for the majority and in this case liberal side of the Supreme Court.

He just wants to be loved by the Washington establishment said Donald Trump on Fox News as if Roberts is some small child that needs his head patted.
He was afraid of Obama after he chided the court during the 2010 State of the Union said Michael Walsh at National Review Online.
He is a coward said Glenn Beck who in his usual capitalist pig way capitalized on the event by selling t-shirts depicting Roberts as, what else, a coward.

Republicans even turned on themselves saying they suck at picking justices and I would have to agree with that. Goofball Oreo Clarence Thomas hasn’t said a word in years and the joke is he stares at the ceiling playing imaginary sudko but my point is conservatives need to shut the hell up about the Supreme Court ruling. Stop with that tired -ass talking point that you’ll Repeal and Replace it. With what I ask?

As for John Roberts he is going to be okay, guess what Supreme Court appointments are lifetime and last I checked he is the Chief Justice of it all. Not to worry conservatives you’ll always have the Citizens United ruling, I suggest you revel in it or you could repeal and replace it.


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