The Economic Plan of Two Evils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are part of a war of words of who is better suited to lead this country. Is it about truth or electability? What is our true economic future? In reading works by some authors they foresee an economic collapse: soon. Some prognosticators are saying we are headed to becoming part of a one world currency. Aren’t recessions man-made? I’m floating this idea out there; not a conspiracy. Remember when Bush was running he talked about how the economic climate was changing.

How about the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008? There is so much slime that slithers underneath the surface of that act to which we are too blind to act or react. My advice is, become debt free first and foremost. I’m really confused by both political parties. Obama believes in too much Quantitative easing and I’m wondering if Mitt will practice Keynesian economics, which is a worm hole.

Let’s take a brief look at both and you decide whether we can achieve economic stability. Remember this goes past politics and is really about assets not fiat currency. Look at Bill Wozniak’s two dollar bill sheets, which is “legal” tender and the success of bitcoins.

Don’t let Repubs lie, they are big government spenders. They believe in the philosophy of government boosting aggregate demand (micro economics) which is another way of boosting the economy during the down times of public sector spending.  Also by spending on new projects, making transfers to people in need or simply cutting taxes, government boosts demand. Then there is QE; it’s unconventional; it forces the Fed to print new monies in order to buy “junk” from commercial banks in order to stimulate the economy. We need better fiscal responsibility from both sides. It’s time we REVOLT. The original plan of the Tea Party was a good one, going after establishment bought and sold Repubs and Occupy Wall Street brought light and insight into what was really going on. WE need a balance but until then, don’t argue what you get in November: PEACE HOPEFULLY.

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Hurricane Katrina’s ‘silver lining’: Improved pet care

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Image: USA Today

Isaac is letting sleeping dogs lie. In fact, thanks to advance action from animal-welfare groups, it looks like many pets will survive the storm.

After Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi pet populations, killing countless animals and even some owners who steadfastly refused to leave their pets behind, the pet stories from Isaac look much more upbeat.

Emergency animal shelters were set up days before the storm hit. Hundreds of pets were ID-tagged and microchipped at emergency clinics over the weekend. Websites are in place for people to post pictures of lost pets. Shelter animals have been moved to facilities in other states to make room for strays.

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Romney in Michigan: ’No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate’

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Mitt Romney cracked a joke about his own birth certificate while campaigning Friday here in his native Michigan, instantly and perhaps inadvertently inserting himself into one of the most divisive controversies in the Obama presidency.

In a riff on Friday about being back in the state where he was born and raised, presumptive GOP presidential nominee made a joke alluding to the “birther” controversies that have dogged President Obama.

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Voter Fraud and the Overall Business of LYING

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I’m a history guy but we have to be careful who we listen to. Some are coming from the stand-point of influencing people a certain way with their teachings, especially their version of revisionist history: people making shit up that plays into ignorance and sells. Facts are what they are, voter fraud and voter I.D.’s are all the RAGE. My opinion is when you can’t win an election, you steal it. It’s been done before, simply ask Bush II.

In history we learn that things don’t simply happen but are well thought out. Let’s start with the grand pubba, the actor Reagan (raygun, 666). “By the fall of 1991, Reagan and Bush had filled more than half of the 837 federal judgeships, and appointed enough right-wing justices to transform the Supreme Court,” according to the book Democrips and Rebloodlicans by Jesse Ventura. Bush II’s brain Karl Rove aka the “egg man” wants another Repub in office, so what’s the new plan: voter suppression as in suppress the Black and Hispanic turnout.

Notice in the swing states this idea is working. Pennsylvania passed a new law concerning  I.d.s, which is problematic at best because since 2004, with 20 million votes cast, only four(4) cases of voter fraud were uncovered. Both sides sway the populace for votes, look at gerrymandering which redraws district lines to benefit the incumbent. What is so bothering to me is that you can’t use your driver license to vote. In Texas you can use your NRA I.D. to vote but not your student I.D. Wake up people this affects white, Native Americans, Asians and the rest of the voting public; hence, “the best democracy can money can buy.” How can anyone sit idly by when party lines are used in stealing elections and lying to your very face? How can you belong to a specific party and never say anything? I’m also bothered with all the Constitution and Bible talk. They know nothing of each, it simply sounds good. How can you LIE but claim to be a follower of the good news? Rove used rural black churches in order to get their vote for George W. Bush. This is sickening, wake up people, there is too much information out there to still be stuck in stupid.

Written by the NON-Conformist

Voters say they’re worse off than four years ago

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A majority of voters in battleground states say they are not better off than they were four years ago, according to a USA Today/Gallup swing-states poll released Monday.

Ever since candidate Ronald Reagan asked that question, in his successful 1980 bid to unseat President Carter, it has become the quadrennial way to frame a presidential choice. Now it appears to pose a danger to President Obama, who has presided over a lackluster economic recovery and high unemployment.

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Hank Williams Jr. bashes Obama at Iowa State Fair

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Image: Getty via USA Today


Nearly a year after country music singer Hank Williams Jr. courted controversy by comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, he’s unleashed more fiery criticism, this time calling the president an anti-American Muslim.

Williams’ comment came near the end of a concert Friday night at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand, the Des Moines Register reported.

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!” Williams said, according to the newspaper.

The comments reportedly went over well with the crowd, which responded with “loud and enthusiastic” cheers.

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S. Africa police fire at striking mine workers

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Image: AP

South African police opened fire Thursday on a crowd of striking workers at a platinum mine, leaving an unknown number of people injured and possibly dead. Motionless bodies lay on the ground in pools of blood.

Police moved in on striking workers who gathered near the Lonmin PLC mine Thursday afternoon after urging them to give up their weapons and go home to their hostels and shacks. Some did leave, though others carrying weapons began war chants and soon started marching toward the township near the mine, said Molaole Montsho, a journalist with the South African Press Association who was at the scene.

More from By Jon Gambrell, Associated Press via USA Today

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