Vote NO on ALL Six North Carolina Constitutional Amendments

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Image: NC Policy Watch

The NC General Assembly’s chicanery should not be rewarded.

You can’t separate the six proposed constitutional amendments from how they were devised. The Republicans rushed these amendments through at the last minute, without debate, discussion, or even an implementing statute, which means they’ll get to decide later—in a lame-duck session—what these amendments really do, after you’ve already voted on them. The proper response to this chicanery: Vote no on all six.

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Vote Like Your Life Depends On It!

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Texas’ Bad Arguments on Voting Rights

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Plaintiffs in a Texas lawsuit are challenging that state’s voter ID law on the grounds that it has a disparate impact on minority voters. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who wants to be the next governor of the state, is not only arguing that this is false, he’s arguing that no one even has a right to bring such a lawsuit.

In their motion, however, Texas does not simply claim that its voter ID law survives a disparate impact suit — it claims that these suits should cease to exist altogether in the voting rights context. As the motion incorrectly claims, the text of the Voting Rights Act “does not prohibit laws that merely have a disparate impact on racial or language minorities.”

This is not just false, it is egregiously false. The Voting Rights Act explicitly allows a plaintiff to prevail if “the political processes leading to nomination or election in the State or political subdivision are not equally open to participation by [racial minorities] in that its members have less opportunity than other members of the electorate to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice.” Moreover, the law does not simply forbid acts that are intended to prevent minorities from voting, it also forbids any voting regime that “results in a denial or abridgement” of voters of color’s right to vote. Texas’ motion ignores the plain language of the law in an attempt to eliminate the most effective remaining way to prevent race discrimination in voting.

Texas is also fighting a battle that’s already been decided against them. In a 1980 case called Mobile v. Bolden the Supreme Court interpreted the Voting Rights Act in the narrow way Texas suggests in its motion. Two years later, President Ronald Reagan signed legislation that effectively overturned Boldenby explicitly authorizing disparate impact suits under the Voting Rights Act. Now, however, Texas asks the courts to pretend like Reagan never signed this law.

The Supreme Court has already removed one of the most important elements of the Voting Rights Act. If Abbott’s legal argument prevails, it will pretty much put the nail in the coffin and render that law completely moot.

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Judge blocks Pennsylvania voter ID law

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Image: Reuters

A Pennsylvania judge has blocked enforcement of the key section of a voter identification law which the state legislature enacted and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed last March, meaning that the law will not be in effect for the Nov. 6 election.

Judge Robert Simpson said that even with the streamlined procedures that state officials proposed to make it easier for voters without ID cards to obtain them, “the proposed changes are to occur about five weeks before the general election, and I question whether sufficient time now remains to attain the goal of liberal access” to ID cards.

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Pa. election official vows to defy ID law

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Even as the fate of Pennsylvania’s new voter-identification law plays out in a Harrisburg courtroom, an election official in Delaware County is vowing not to enforce it.

Christopher L. Broach, a Democratic inspector of elections in the tiny borough of Colwyn, said he would not ask voters to prove who they are on Election Day.

“To ask me to enforce something that violates civil rights is ludicrous and absolutely something I am not willing to do,” Broach said in a recent interview.

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Who’s America?

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I’m reminded of the rallying cry of the late Gil Scott- Heron “who will survive in America, who will survive in America, who will survive in America.” From the sound of the candidates running for the Repub nod; no one! Some of the things that come out of their mouths; such as comparing the President to Hitler and Stalin. I love what Newt said calling Kathleen Sebelius  ‘Stalin’, saying Barack Obama is the opposite of freedom. “This is the core of my argument with Barack Obama,” Gingrich said. “He is a natural secular European socialist. He believes in big government. He believes in centralized power. He believes he, as a politician, knows more than we do and he should help us redesign our lives by letting him and other bureaucrats live it for us. It is the opposite of freedom.”

Governor Rick Perry also weighed in “Let’s stop the American downward spiral”. With how the pundits are speaking we must reside in two Americas. Listen to the rhetoric that spews from the would be’s.

We know during the election season things ramp up. Gas prices may fall, troops start coming home, more jobs mysteriously appear and the sun shines a little brighter;  you get the gist. The climate begins to change a bit too. The first thing I noticed were voter I.D. laws.  Isn’t it strange how it appeared out of no where. Notice this in state such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Texas who have recently elected Repub governors as well as legislatures. Nicki  Haley, South Carolina Governor signed a similar bill. Is voter fraud really as bad as it seems ? I know in the great state of North Carolina voter fraud is low; we have in place decent regulations so why grow government even more. Why add when we can work with what’s in place.  Is party affiliation really important as it would exclude independents.  Again why is this all of a sudden such a pressing issue?

Remember Florida, Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, how they stole the election from Al Gore. Where was the outcry then from the Repubs? Hell it was the British press that broke the story. To learn more about this in detail read, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast. Don’t resurrect old demons, it could be detrimental and NOT in your favor. More

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