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I’m one of the three people who thought the Post Office was receiving federal monies. Why did I think this? For one the United States Postal Service is a brand of the federal government. Sure the USPS has a Postmaster General, Board of Governors, but authority rests with Congress. Notice on the commercials how they started with a smiley face, hey guys we don’t receive federal monies. Now they have a sad face, hey guys we are in real trouble.

You must remember government is not efficient; it’s not meant to be run efficiently. When has the government received a profit in any venture they have their dirty little hands in/on? Maybe one, Social Security, but they are continuously ruining that. On the surface the USPS is the second largest employer but unlike Wal-Mart they pay their people a living wage.

The USPS is structured like a business but Congress prevents it from running like one: efficient, cost- effective and innovative.

People don’t realize the dirty little history of the Post Office. It single-handily crippled the system. The thing they accused Bill Gates of doing; they made it into a monopoly. Congress protects the USPS from competitors, it has legal monopoly over first class mail.

In the mid 1800’s there were private mail businesses that were more efficient and innovative. Did you know it wasn’t the USPS that introduced stamps but one of the other 147 competitors. Today USPS competition come more from FedEx or UPS but the USPS monopoly prevents it from delivering first class and standard mail with the exception of urgent mail.

We need to privatize the Post Office, get it out of government’s firm grasp. Sure people will lose jobs, that’s always a part of any restructuring. The salaries are sufficient but it’s time they cut from the top down. Those that can retire need to retire so younger folks can work. That is the revolving door structure; out with the old, in with the new.

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