I can’t count how many times I’ve made fun of Lil’ Kim as I’ve called him in times past. Near the end of the year he suffered a heart attack and died. His luxuries included fine gourmet dining, expensive cigars, and his penchant for expensive wines. I find this odd especially since he starved his people. I don’t know exactly what my feelings are since his replacement is no better, his son Kim Jong Un. Dictators are difficult to size up since their intentions are usually stability for the people when they start their reign. Yet North Korea has had horrible rule for quite some time. As the death of their leader Kim Jong Il loomed the people prepared for the 100th year celebration of the their founder Kim Il Sung. He, too, was notorious for starving his people, about 3 million died in the Korean war and about 3 million more died under his rule. We are talking about a Communist country with a sordid history. Some of it can be attributed to our meddling; look at the forgotten war that was really between the United States and the former Soviet Union. North Korea needs more than just prayers, they need real help. Former President Clinton tried food for oil, it was more piecemeal than successful in spite of the substantial $170 million in humanitarian aid.

North Korea could be called a failed state due to dictatorships, but most of their problems lie within the foreign policy, it also doesn’t help that we have over 15 military bases that are still active to this day.

On a totally different note, why do people still have Sarah Palin on their programs? She’s a dunderhead. At every turn, the host and she have to mention that black guy(Obama) all the while praising the actor Reagan. She says, “We need a tougher president who is tougher on foreign policy, Reagan said to the Soviets, you lose we win.” Great, that’s wonderful foreign policy advice coming from inept people. Asking Sister Sara about foreign policy is like asking her to describe E=MC2. I’m sorry for the self- imposed plight on the people by these talk show idiots as well as idiots such a Palin. Imagine if she were in charge; wait, she’s not and will never be.

North Korea is in a complex situation, they are at the cross roads of their future. How we can help is to leave them be, they are not a threat to us or anyone else for that matter.

I was thinking to myself and remembered that before Lil Kim died he vowed to his military that they (North Korea) would be nuclear capable by 2012 with the ability to launch a war head. Things could get even more unstable in that region.

For more on foreign policy pertaining to North Korea, link up to this piece; a great read.

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