JOHN COLE Copyright 2012 Cagle Cartoons

My question is who’s afraid of political action committees
(PACs)? Well, almost everyone who is currently running in the presidential primaries. Super PACs are hypocritical in nature. Think about it, we’ve had PACs but they were limited. Then come the muscle-bound superman persona PAC with SP(super PAC) written on its chests and it all changed. Super PACs were made legal thanks to the ruling of the Supreme Court in the Citizen United Case. They need only name their donors in the unlimited sums they can now raise.

Newt is the latest to go after those who hide behind PACs but then he turned around and received huge amounts from them himself . Newt, what can I say about your nine lives?  I can’t wait till someone knocks that sly, wry smile off your face by not electing YOU. You stood in front of the cameras and said you were going to run a clean campaign that is until your pockets deepened and your chances of winning increased. Once that happened all bets were off.  Newt, now, is hiding behind the attack ads.

Look I’m an opportunist just like anyone else and super PACs benefit everyone that is running . Mitt cried about Newt and his Super PAC buddies but his super PAC,  Restore Our Future is going hard after Newt. When Newt attacks back don’t cry hurt, remember what goes around comes back around.

For those that whine about negative politics, please,  the nastier the better!  People’s eyebrows are raised along with their interest levels. Look at the number of voters that come in support of a candidate. If you can’t dish, get out. Look at the mild-mannered Mitt even he got tired of always being on the defensive and decided to go on the attack.

The NON-Conformist