I was ceremoniously rooting for the Giants for a few reasons. One reason, I’m a New Yorker and a Yankee’s fanatic; yes a Yankee’s fanatic, I can’t root for any team from Boston. The other reason; I received a helmet from the gumball machine(laughing). As a fan I understand my role, sure when the Yankees are tanking I feel bad on the inside(laughing again). But seriously, I’m not personally invested in any team so when my team loses, I move on to the next sport.

I don’t care about the players per se either, they make way too much money. To further my point when I watch sports, their job as athletes is to entertain me, put on a performance, that’s it. I’ve said all this to say this, FOR PATRIOT FANS TO COMPARE WES WELKER TO BILL BUCKNER IS INSULTING!!

Buckner was the first baseman who let the ball roll through his legs during the 1986 World Series. Why are they allowing “Tom Terrific” a get out of jail free card?  He hasn’t won anything in over eight years. If you break down the play, he(Tom) threw the ball over the wrong shoulder. Think about it this way, Welker was wide open, he could have caught the ball on the fly… touch down. Brady need to come to Welker’s defense and use the Ray Lewis playbook.

If he doesn’t come out and say something then he’s a punk that hides behind his ignorant wife, who had more courage to at least say something albeit, stupid! Once again Tom gets the free pass for being mediocre.

The NON-Conformist