This past weekend brought a couple of surreal events. One, the funeral of Whitney Houston which I watch almost in its entirety. I couldn’t move and felt compelled to watch. It was Whitney who I took to college with me many years ago in the form of a cassette(entitled Whitney Houston) which I played to death. It was also Whitney that I saw some years before gracing the cover of Seventeen Magazine(which I got for most of my teen years) I was always fascinated by this black girl on the inside of the magazine because she looked like me. Such a sad ending!

The other is the Babeu story. You know the one about the sheriff in Arizona who was a staunch supporter of immigration reform and building the “danged” fence and was featured in commercial with old man John McCain. He had to come out of the closet. I don’t care about that but when his boyfriend dropped a dime on him in the Phoenix New Times he threatened to have him deported. What!!! Like I said you can’t make this stuff up. While he spewed vitriol against illegal immigration he hooked up with an immigrant, albeit legal, himself. When things went sour, Babeu dispatched a lawyer to tell Jose his immigration visa was expired  and he faced possible deportation if he ever went public with the relationship. Jose went public anyway and now Babeu who is also running for Congress in Arizona looks really, really, really bad.

And finally what the hell is up with this assault on women’s bodies and reproductivity? It’s moved from the birth control debate that the Obama administration had to compromise on to vaginal probes and prenatal tests that might show birth defects leading to more abortions. Why are some men who deem themselves public servants all up in what’s going on with the vaginas of the women to whom they are not betrothed? It’s MY business if I decide to have an abortion which by the way is legal. I also have the right to deal with the consequences of what I choose to do. I don’t need a vaginal probe to make me feel guilty about my choice. Enough already!

Posted by Libergirl