The Austin, Texas, city council will meet next Thursday to consider a resolution that could eventually ban “fast-food food restaurants from locating near areas that children frequent.”

Specifically, the ban, or “Healthy Food Zone ordinance,” would restrict fast food restaurants from locating anywhere near “schools, municipal parks, child care centers, libraries and recreation centers” in the city.

The resolution directs the city manager to work to draft a timeline before the end of the year for developing an ordinance that, if passed, would take effect in 2016.

“If passed, this would only affect new fast-food chains from being built,” writes KEYE-TV’s Alex Boyer. “Existing one[s] (sic) would be allowed to stay put.”

That may be true. But I see nothing in the resolution’s language that would guarantee that customers who like their existing fast food restaurant would be able to keep their existing fast food restaurant.

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Posted by The NON-Conformist