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San Francisco has long been a desirable place to live — and that’s even more true today as the city is basking in the glow of another tech boom. But the influx of new money and new residents is putting a strain on the city’s housing market.

The city has the highest median rent in the nation, and evictions of longtime residents are skyrocketing.

Ground zero for San Francisco’s eviction crisis is the Inner Mission District. Until recently, this edgy neighborhood was home to a mix of working-class Latinos, artists and activists.

Tom Rapp, an airport building maintenance worker, rents a modest second-story flat that he has called home for 15 years. He says a lot of his neighbors have been evicted over the past couple of years. Then bad news came knocking on his door, too.

“We received an eviction notice at the end of August,” he says.

“But we’ve gotten like three different ones, right?” adds his roommate, Patricia Kerman.

Kerman, a senior on a fixed income, has lived in this flat for 27 years.

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