North Carolina ‘wacko bird’ GOP candidate Greg Brannon compares food stamps to slavery (via Raw Story )

An extremely conservative U.S. Senate hopeful says he would eliminate food stamps because they’re like slavery. Republican Greg Brannon, who says he moved to North Carolina because of his admiration of the late segregationist Sen. Jesse Helms, made

made the comments in an October interview with the state’s Tea Party.

The self-described “wacko bird,” who is leading Republican Sen. Kay Hagan 45-43 in one recent poll, said he would abolish the Department of Agriculture and its $76 billion Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program because founding father James Madison said so.

“Agriculture will never be a federal function, it’s a local issue,” Brannon said, paraphrasing the fourth president in a quote highlighted by Mother Jones.

From The Raw Story

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