O’Reilly: Why don’t you talk about black families? Obama: I do, but you’re not listening (via Raw Story )

President Barack Obama repeated his assertion to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that the conservative network unfairly covered his administration in the second part of a combative interview. “Absolutely,” Obama said when the host asked if he’d  “Of course, you have, but I like you anyway, Bill.”

O’Reilly asked the president to cite a specific example, and Obama suggested the interview they were conducting, the first half of which aired Sunday prior to the Super Bowl. Other portions aired Monday night during “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“We’ve just run through an interview in which you asked about health care not working, IRS where we (are) ‘wholly corrupt,’ (and) Benghazi,” Obama said, citing issues that have received far more coverage on Fox than other outlets. “So the list of issues that you talk about, they’re defined by you guys in a certain way.”

From the Raw Story

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