Who are the real thugs?

Image: AP

Let’s play a game. It’s called: “Who’s the Thug?”

It’s the day after Thanksgiving 2012, and four teenagers are sitting in a Dodge Durango outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, Fla.

The Durango is red, which is unimportant. The teenagers are black, which is important.

The teenagers are planning to try to pick up some girls later in the evening and have stopped for some gum — “so our breath would smell good,” one will later testify — and cigarettes. The teenagers are playing loud music in the Durango.

A car pulls up next to the Durango, parking very close to it. Inside is Michael Dunn, 45, a software developer, and his fiancée. Both are white. Dunn’s fiancée goes into the store while Dunn waits in the car.

The couple are coming from the wedding of Dunn’s son. They have Dunn’s 7-month-old dog with them. Dunn had two drinks at the wedding but is not “buzzed,” he will later say. He describes his mood as happy.

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