Morning Must Reads: March 27

PHOTO: Pope Francis and President Barack Obama smile as they exchange gifts, at the Vatican, March 27, 2014.

Image: Gabriel Bouys/AP Photo

Posted by Libergirl


  • Obama meets the Pope: “Pope Francis greeted [President] Obama with a handshake as they approached each other just outside the Papal Library, where they met for nearly an hour.’Wonderful meeting you,’ Mr. Obama said, thanking Pope Francis for receiving him.” [WSJ]
  • A little backstory: The Catholic roots of Obama’s activism [NYT]
  • GOP says The Pope’s no liberal: “Republicans say the ‘liberal media’ has two world powerhouses all wrong: Barack Obama — and the pope.Democrats believe Pope Francis is their guy, arguing he’s softened the Catholic Church stance on gay rights and abortion and taken GOP economic theories to task. When he meets with Obama in Rome on Thursday, they’re hoping it’ll seal the deal.” [Politico]
  • Yes, Obama really is worried about a Manhattan nuke [TIME]
  • Military cuts render NATO less formidable as deterrent to Russia: “The United States, by far the most powerful NATO…

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