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AceNewsReport – April 17 – (WP) – Matt Drudge proudly tells the world he paid the penalty for not having health coverage, which he has termed the “liberty tax.” Which is odd, because no one has to pay the penalty until they file their 2014 tax returns in April 2015. But maybe that copy of “FurboTax” he bought on Ebay was not actually legit.

It seems conservative monolith Matt Drudge is taking some pride in paying the penalty for not purchasing insurance under Obamacare. He’s even got a name for it.

Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered’… I’M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX!
— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) March 21, 2014

There’s just one problem: Americans don’t pay a penalty for not having health insurance until they file their 2014 taxes — in 2015. So either Drudge is lying or he paid a huge penalty a year earlier…

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