Feminism is much more than simply addressing the wage gap, climbing the corporate ladder, or even ensuring access to abortion services. Many times racism, classism and sexism are so tightly enmeshed they’re impossible to untangle, and therefore feel like one brutal and engulfing entity. Women of color have never had the privilege to solely focus on women’s issues—gender and racial inequalities combined so often ravage both our physical and mental health. In order to advance our gender as a whole, it’s critical for all women to acknowledge and support each others’ diverse struggles and experiences.

Here are four ways women of color experience sexism differently.

1. Higher wage gap and rates of poverty….

2. Higher health disparities….It’s no surprise that women of color fare much worse when it comes to health. According to the  Center for Reproductive Rights, African-American women die in pregnancy or childbirth at a rate of  three to four times the rate of white women.

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