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The  manipulation and one dimensional portrayal of Black women on television was once again thrust front and center into the spotlight after an on-camera blow up by two cast members of the popular Real Housewives of Atlanta series. The profanity-laced, finger pointing, hair pulling, melee which aired April 20 resulted in battery charges, an arrest warrant; endless replays and debates on morning news shows and social media on whether Kenya Moore or Porsha Miller were most at fault during part one of the Season 6 “Reunion” show.

 Meanwhile, Bravo the cable channel owned by NBC Universal which produces and airs the show is gearing up in the aftermath to air parts two and three. Part one, attracted over 4 million viewers, making it the highest rated of any of the reunion shows, according to reports.

According to the Nielsen Company for cable network shows the episode ranked number one among Black households and number three among all U.S. households.

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