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The Fifth Column

President Barack Obama | Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Call it sour grapes or call it massive disappointment, but this is the only time today that I’ll be posting about yesterday’s election results beside the “10 Things…” post.


1. The Democrats lost. Badly. This wasn’t just a tough map. Democrats lost Senate seats in Iowa and Colorado. They lost governor races in Florida and Wisconsin. Hell, they lost governor races in Illinois, Maryland, Maine, and Massachusetts! Democrats really can’t blame losing elections in Illinois, Maryland, Maine, and Massachusetts on the map. (See the results from key races here.)

2.  The night had few bright spots for Democrats — but there were some for liberals. The personhood ballot initiatives lost in Colorado and North Dakota. Marijuana was legalized in D.C. and Oregon (and we’re still waiting on Alaska). The minimum wage was raised in Arkansas, Illinois and Nebraska. Washington state…

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