O’Reilly: Black People Should Wear ‘Don’t Get Pregnant At 14’ T-Shirts

“Don’t abandon your children. Don’t get pregnant at 14. Don’t allow your neighborhoods to deteriorate into free-fire zones. That’s what the African American community should have on their T-shirts,” he said.

“Am I wrong?” O’Reilly asked his guest.

King almost immediately segued to a different point. “Well, I think that’s a part of it, but that’s not the entirety,” he said, going on to say Americans need to address more than just police misconduct.

From TPM…

Video at Media Matters

Posted by Libergirl




  1. Well, we shouldn’t be getting pregnant at 14 but neither should white girls have abortions at that age either. What happened to that T-shirt? This is why abortion laws are so important to them. I mean, if we’re talking about consent, just as many white girls get pregnant but they get rid of the baby, fetus, or whatever they call it to justify themselves.

    1. You telling it… Preach… Abortion laws are being eviscerated in the name of Jesus..black people are the scapegoat for everything…and finally Bill O’Reilly is such a waste of oxygen… Arghhhh !!!

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