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It took one Somali woman seven months and 4,000 miles to trek to Libya. From there, she hoped to cross the Mediterranean Sea so her baby could be born in Europe. She didn’t get there.

She was arrested as she was sailing north and is now one of 350 migrants being held in a facility just outside Tripoli.

Other pregnant women fleeing repression have come to Libya — many fleeing fighting that refuses to stop. They, like male migrants, are willing to risk their lives on crowded boats to make the final part of the trip.

The Somali woman’s baby, Sabrine, was born a week after she was detained.

Libyan officials are in a quandary. The prison head admitted to CNN there is no system in place to send these people home, jail them or let them go.

About one-third of the migrants are from Eritrea on the east coast of Africa. They denied they were heading to Europe and told CNN they just want to go home, which is several thousands of miles away.

In Malta, there are similar stories of death.

On Thursday, the bare, stark caskets came in one by one on the shoulders of Maltese soldiers.

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