Trump owns Jeb! in New Hampshire

Image: Reuters via Daily Kos

It’s hard to describe just how badly The Donald destroyed Jeb! in Derry, New Hampshire, Wednesday evening by holding an opposing town hall event at the very same time as Jeb!

Nothing summed it up better than MSNBC’s Trump/Jeb! split screen with Trump’s audio running almost continuously during primetime viewing while Jeb! was entirely silenced.

During that time, Trump tore Jeb! limb from limb. Jeb! is a “low-energy person” who was “supposed to do well in New Hampshire but has gone down like a rock,” said The Donald. But honestly, Trump’s pre-town hall warm up with reporters yielded one of the most effective takedowns of Jeb! imaginable after Trump was asked whether he had gotten under Jeb!’s skin.

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