I fought for nothing: Staggering incompetence, egregious corruption & America’s doomed war in Afghanistan

Image: Salon.com

I’ve been waiting for the fall of Kunduz.  Not Kunduz, specifically, but the fall of a town in Afghanistan of some size and importance. It was my prediction back in 2005, when I left the war, that eventually we would lose it. In the decade since, it was a prediction I felt more comfortable making. The full length of my prediction is this:  The fledgling corrupt government that we have supported will increasingly find itself losing cities to the Taliban. Eventually, Afghanistan will splinter into fragments, most of them outside the penumbra of protection offered by the weak central government. In time, Afghanistan will lose all of the meager gains that I and other American soldiers fought for.

It will be as if we fought for nothing.

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  1. It’s a shame that the sacrifice of so many coalition soldiers and Afghans will go to waste if the government in Kabul cannot get its act together. I hear Obama still plans on keeping roughly 10,000 troops in Afghanistan until 2017


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