Oklahoma Mayor: Hubby’s KKK Robe and Cross Burning Just A ‘Prank Gone Bad

Cary Kent Sharp, 47, was among a group of men found dressed in white robes and hoods around a bonfire when a Lahoma, Okla. resident called police to report the incident at about 10:20 p.m. Saturday, the Enid News reported.

Lahoma mayor Theresa Sharp later apologized for her husband’s actions, telling the paper “it was a prank gone bad.” The mayor said she was out trick-or-treating with her son when the incident occurred, and does not condone the actions.

“I just don’t condone it regardless of who it is – whether that’s my husband or Joe Smith around the corner,” Theresa Sharp said. “It’s not anything that I think needs to be represented for our community at all.”

Police told the men “the activity was in poor taste” and asked them to stop, Garfield County Sheriff Jerry Niles wrote in a statement on Facebook. Because the fire was legal and the men were drinking on private property, the men weren’t breaking the law, and no arrests were made, Niles said.

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