Confederate flag supporter confesses to exploding bomb at Tupelo Walmart

A Mississippi man, who was angry at Walmart for not selling Confederate flag merchandise, has confessed to throwing a bomb at the Tupelo store.

Marshall W. Leonard
Source: Lee County Jail

Sixty-one year old Marshall Leonard of Saltillo had his initial court appearance Tuesday. He could not enter a plea at this appearance, but we’re told that he has confessed to police and also to the media as he was leaving court. His bond was set at $150,000.

Police say Leonard tossed an explosive device in the front foyer of the Walmart Supercenter on North Gloster Street around 1:30, Sunday morning.

Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre says Leonard attempted to detonate the homemade explosive at two other businesses.

Investigators say he pulled up to the store, lit the device, yelled at an employee, and tossed it into the store.

The device blew up, but there were no injuries.

Leonard posted threats on the Daily Journal Facebook page.


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