Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, in 1990.
Image: USA Today

Describing Hillary Clinton’s campaign as “nervous” and “panicky,” Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday sought to combat recent criticism from the front-runner’s campaign and position himself as the best candidate to face a Republican in the fall.

Sanders defended himself against the Clinton campaign, which on Friday said Sanders was at odds with President Obama’s recent executive actions on gun safety because of his 2005 vote to protect gun manufacturers against liability in gun deaths. Clinton repeated the refrain Sunday morning on CBS’s Face the Nation.

“It’s the only industry in our country where we have given that kind of carte blanche to do whatever you want to do with no fear of legal consequences,” Clinton said. “You know,President Obama and I and Senator Sanders were all in the Senate at the same time. Two of us voted against what the NRA says was the most important piece of legislation in 20 years for the gun lobby.”


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