More than 20 percent of Granite State voters woke up Tuesday unsure of whom they would vote for—one of the two mysteries of primary day. Polling is of little help determining what the mountain of undecideds, as well as the state’s independents, the largest bloc of voters who can vote in either primary, will do. Some divergent theories:

A tightening Democratic race and strong ground game by the Hillary Clinton will bring keep Democratic-leaning independents in that primary, helping her narrow the gap of expected defeat to Bernie Sanders.

Or the opposite many be true, and independents will skip out for the Republican primary boosting John Kasich. Will undecideds voting in the GOP primary break for Bush—a person with the famous last name who they’ve shunned so far—or for Kasich, whose optimism is unique in the field, or for Marco Rubio or even Chris Christie?Donald Trump is expected to win, but undecideds won’t move his way, because most voters either love or hate the bombastic candidate. Or maybe they will, in their desire to vote for a winner.

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