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While everyone was freaking out over Donald Trump’s abortion comments Wednesday night, Ohio Governor and allegedly “nice” Republican presidential candidate John Kasich was busy making one of the most offensive, racially hostile comments of this entire campaign. During his MSNBC town hall last night, Chuck Todd pressed Kasich on his efforts within the black community, asking why, despite his efforts, “the Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked Ohio the sixth worst state to raise a black child in, median income, a $20,000 gap between blacks and whites in Ohio. Cleveland is considered one of the ten most segregated cities in the country.”

Kasich simply told Todd he didn’t believe the statistics, then decided all on his own to bring up infant mortality.

So I don’t know about all that study. I will tell you this. The issue of infant mortality is a tough one. We have taken that on and one of the toughest areas to take on is in the minority community. And the community itself is going to have to have a better partnership with all of us to begin to solve that problem with infant mortality in the minority community, because we’re making gains in the majority community. We don’t ignore any of this, Chuck. These are serious issues and they need to be addressed and I don’t put my head in the sand and if I got to get people upset doing it, that’s life.

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