On the Nov. 9 edition of MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” political commentator and author Tavis Smiley talks about how the media has attempted to normalize the election of Donald Trump after discrediting him.

In the segment from last night’s episode, Smiley unloads in response to President Barack Obama’s eloquent plea to unite the nation after Trump’s win. Immediately after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, the nation has been rocked by protests from college and high school students dismayed by the election results.

Tavis Smiley u got the president u always wanted, Obama wasn’t shit remember.

Nasty-Woman With Her @IAMWITHHILLARY

Tavis Smiley fuck you Tavis, you were against President Obama from the beginning. I bet you didn’t even voted for Hilliary

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Posted by The NON-Conformist and Libergirl who say Tavis is speaking the truth about Obama