The recent special election in Kansas for Mike Pompeo’s old House seat — Pompeo’s now ensconced in Langley, where he has the Augean Stables ahead of him — had Democrats excited about their chances right up to election day… and beyond. Even though they lost by nearly seven points, they were quick to claim a “near-victory,” on the grounds that their guy lost by a lesser margin than any of Pompeo’s previous tomato cans.

Image: AP Photo/Alex Sanz

Now we have another special election, this one in Georgia, to replace Tom Price, who’s moved on to the Department of Health and Human Services.

And once again, the Progressive donkeys are all hot and bothered by their chances, given that their man is one of only five Democrats in the first  round against eleven GOP wannabes.

So they’ve poured $8.5 million into the race in the hopes not simply of blackening Donald Trump’s eye, but perhaps snatching the seat as well — all candidate Jon Ossoff needs to do is grab 50 percent of the vote-plus-one and he wins the seat outright.

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