Casket containing child organs found on Philadelphia street

An evening stroll turned gruesome in Philadelphia Monday, when a casket, discovered across the street from a cemetery, was found to contain a bag of organs belonging to either an infant or a child.

“What was in the bag was sick,” Chris James, one of the first to discover the casket shortly after 9pm, told RT. “We were curious to see what was inside but it dangerous in many way to touch something so random,” he said.

James, who streamed the incident live on his Facebook page, said another witness called police who opened the casket to find layers of cloth which once removed, revealed the bag containing the organs.

“According to the medical examiner they were in fact human organs, they believe belonged to an infant or child,” Chief Inspector Scott Small told KYW. “What’s unusual is other than the bag of organs there was no body,” he said.

The discovery was made next to Mt Vernon Cemetery and Laurel Hill Cemetery, which police said will be searched by cadaver dogs.

James provided RT with video of police at the scene opening the casket to make the gruesome discovery.

The casket was fresh and newly pried open according to police. Investigators are yet to determine if the casket was stolen from a funeral home or dug up from a cemetery.

From RT

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