Woman says that she’s an example for “Feminism” and its “evolution” by acting like a slave for her white husband

Melanoid people should be very familiar with the exceedingly dangerous Bedwench archetype. Some of the most typical examples in mainstream media that we could easily point to would be Sage Steele, Omarosa Manigault, and Michelle Malkin. In pop culture, TV shows such as Scandal, starring Kerry Washington who plays a character named Olivia Pope, a Black woman that is sexually submissive for white corporate men, has a massive cult-like following in the Black feminist/Negro Bedwench community. The same cult-like following exists in the Cosplay community, and Negro Bedwenches tend to be heavily involved with the anime movement. On social media, known trolls like Feminista Jones fit the Bedwench prototype, and those like her make a living by hating Black men that aren’t in the LGBTQ community. But for anybody still playing catch-up, here’s a detailed run-through of what we’re dealing with.

A Negro Bedwench in the 21st Century is a Black woman that’s willing to go above and beyond to satisfy non-Black males & defend the white-male power structure. These women are gatekeepers for white supremacy, and generally have an intense feeling of disdain for Black people, especially Black men. So much so, it would be practically impossible to tell a white supremacist and Black feminist apart when the conversation topic is centered around straight Black males.

Furthermore, the goal of a Negro Bedwench is to be accepted, sexually disrespected, protected, and unreservedly dominated by a white male, regardless of his social class & personal financial position. However, they consider anybody non-Black as “the next best thing”. It’s extremely common for a Negro Bedwench to have a Hispanic, Asian or Middle-Eastern partner.

The Bunny Ruckus Negro Bedwench is a different branch of the standard Negro Bedwench. Like the standard Negro Bedwench, the Bunny Ruckus panders to the ruling demographic by exuding self-hatred and regurgitating white supremacist talking-points. The difference is that they’re usually middle-aged, visually unattractive and overweight by society’s standards. You’re likely to see them with raggedy hair (occasionally blonde), and it’s usually a cheap wig or weave. Also, they tend perpetuate the “loud obnoxious sassy Black woman” stereotype in exchange for white amusement. These qualities make those in the dominant society comfortable around the Bunny Ruckus because their egos never feel threatened. Donald Trump mascots and white supremacy collaborators, Diamond and Silk, are the epitome of The Bunny Ruckus Negro Bedwench.

Diamond and Silk: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oIXGpScZ0Cg

Another example of the Bunny Ruckus Negro Bedwench would be Mollena Williams-Hass, 47, a self-proclaimed Feminist and writer. Below is a picture of Mollena Williams-Hass with her husband, Georg Hass.

Her blog, titled “The Perverted Negress”, is one that paints a vivid picture of her numerous Bedwench escapades & daily slave-like routines. She claims that her obsession with slavery began at 8 years of age, specifically when she was watching the American television miniseries based on Alex Haley’s 1976 novel, Roots. Here is a quote from her speaking about the experience:

I have fantasies about really bad things. If you go back and look at what feminism is about, it’s about us taking charge of our bodies and our destinies. The ability to choose a master/slave relationship is a mark of how far feminism has come.”

Her suspected white supremacist husband (Georg Friedrich Haas), has said that he plans on promoting this lifestyle to the younger generation. Georg stated that he hopes to “embolden younger people”, and that he’s already started to do so with his students. Mollena states that when she was first introduced to the “Kink Community”, Black people that were already a part of it were totally against master-slave relationships. She said that they were prepared to be violent if a Black person took the role of a slave. But according to Mollena, these threats did not make her refrain from such activities.

These are Mollena’s 2009 comments in an interview with Andrea Plaid from Racialicious: “I think my ancestors would be delighted that I can fucking choose to do this for a few bloody hours. I can go into the Big Ass Ice Cream Parlor of Racism and have a sample spoon, and leave. I’m not trapped there being force fed the Rocky Road Ice Cream of Oppression until I am sick.”

It must be mentioned that Mollena overcompensates by parading herself as Pro-Black on social media platforms, and she regularly has a Black-Power fist as her profile picture (twitter: @Mollena).

Not only does she expose the hidden agenda of present day Black Feminism, she shows us that the Black feminist mentality is pseudo, toxic, counter-productive, irrational and irresponsible. It’s simply regurgitated misandrynoir rhetoric from emotionally hurt women that need healing.

Feminism (as we know it), was introduced to the Black Community to divide and conquer the Black nuclear family by promoting the “independent woman” ploy, which is an ideology that no other community subscribes to. This was used to destroy the energy and momentum of Black Civil Rights groups such as The Black Panther Party, and switch our focus onto matters that were never a real cause for concern. By doing this, the importance and relevance of the Black alpha-male became null and void, and the carefully orchestrated welfare obligations (not being eligible if you had a man in the home), meant that Black women no longer felt like they needed Black men to love, support and provide.

Also, the feminist movement was pioneered by open white supremacists such as Susan B. Anthony, a woman that famously said: “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman”. It’s important to add that white feminists revere and regularly pay tributes to Susan. This clearly indicates that the “camaraderie” and “white allyship” among Black feminists and the white feminist community is non-existent and disingenuous.

Black females are not seen or treated as women by society, the treatment of Sandra Bland and the violent incident in McKinney, Texas, 2015, involving the white supremacist cop Eric Casebolt & 15-year-old Dajerria Becton proves this. We have not received our rights as Black people, so until we’ve successfully overcome our first hurdle, it’s ridiculously illogical for a person that’s only viewed as Black to fight for something which doesn’t apply to them.

While Black feminists continue to be duped by faux women’s empowerment, 52% of white women voted for a known sexist, misogynist, chauvinist and racist, Donald Trump, because white women understand the concept of race first. The white female voters knew that Trump would be persevering whiteness once elected as president, so they got on code and jumped on team white supremacy. They managed to temporarily pause the gender-specific war that’s happening in their community, and they rightfully prioritized the self-preservation of their people. Black feminists are incapable of practicing this concept because they’re too busy being used as pawns by white feminists. They’ve been tricked into schemes such as the anti “cat-calling” movement, which is essentially just white feminists trying to criminalize the straight Black male image.

If one of our greatest leaders, such as The Most Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, presented an immediate remedy which could kill white supremacy in 24 hours, Black feminists and the Black LGBTQ community would jeopardize our livelihoods over the petty personal discrepancies that they have with the Nation of Islam & their teachings. Which again, highlights the huge differences between white feminism and Black feminism, and it lets us know that Black feminism has nothing to do with the advancement of our race. Overall, Black feminists have achieved nothing on a grand-scale for Black people since its inception, especially in comparison to groups which they’ve openly disrespected such as The Black Panther Party and The Nation of Islam.

If we were to go by the definition, egalitarian feminism would play integral role in uplifting Black women, however, today’s current practice is the complete opposite.

While we continue to be at war with white supremacy, our number one focus as Melanoid people should be self-preservation by any means necessary. Our advice: Be alertdo not let your children go outside unsupervisedconnect with like-minded Melanoid peoplecreate international allies, and exercise your Second Amendment.

By Kenny Anthony/MelanoidNation

Posted by The NON-Conformist