Racists go bonkers after Beyoncé surprises Kaepernick with Ali Legacy Award

Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick (Twitter)

Beyoncé surprised free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated‘s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award — and online racists lost their minds.

The magazine recognized Kaepernick for his personal sacrifice after taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and systemic racism, which has seemingly cost him a job in the NFL.

“Colin took action with no fear of consequence or repercussion, only hope to change the world for the better,” the singer said while presenting the award. “To change the way we treat each other — especially people of color. We’re still waiting for the world to catch up. It’s been said that racism is so American that when we protest racism, some assume we’re protesting America.”

Kaepernick’s on-field protest has been taken up by other NFL players, which has drawn the ire or President Donald Trump and his supporters.

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Posted by The NON-Conformist


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