Some people are angry with Jussie for what was said, but let’s not be so righteous to speak out in shock language. He’s no different than anyone else who lies, file it under human nature. We don’t know what was in his mind or what he was thinking. What I will say, if this is a farce he needs to immediately come out and get in front of it. The only reason people care about this story is he’s a celebrity and his case is good for business and attorney’s, twitter and all other social media platforms.

When did the Chicago police department become so credible all of a sudden, remember Laquin McDonald and how the cops lied to cover up for an officer(plenty of articles to choose from). Turn on the television or read the news about all of these hash tags of  men and women lying on innocent people and no punishment comes their way, legally. Think of #BBQBECKy #PERMITPATTY, what about Carolyn Bryant who may have started the civil rights movement when making false charges that causes a young boy to be brutally beaten and hanged, that young boy was Emmit Till. What about Ronald Ritchie who lied and because of his lie an innocent man John Crawford was shot to death.

We don’t live in a perfect world with a perfect system. We all need to try and do better. Stop being so outraged over this and him mentioning MAGA. There’s a lot we can besmirch about Trump from his policies on to his moral or immoral character. He sets the tone and a bad one he has set. Some Presidents get blamed wrongly for things they can’t control, but under our current President and due to his rhetoric crime has increased 30 percent. Remember the central park 5, your then billionaire playboy ran a full page article accusing them of their guilt and once exonerated he doubled down and never apologized.

If we are honest the good book says horrible things about gays and since people believe in the person that wrote it, guess what, you’re complicit also. Stop being naive about the world we live in and the horrible things people believe. We have good and bad folks in both camps but we can’t hide from truth. Did we forget about Sessions Launches New LGBT Assault With ‘Religious Liberty’ Task Force. In my neck of the woods the republicans tried to pass House Bill 65 asserting that gay marriage is a “parody” and a “religion” and therefore shouldn’t be recognized as valid. Marriage is a man made creation and endorsed by man. Marriage is simply a contract between two people. Sorry god did not create marriage. Since we live in an outrage country lets look at the Catholic Church and its epidemic of priest sexual abusing boys so much so that the Pope has to declare and all out battle against this action as of the writing of this post. We can’t forget about the rape of nuns that’s starting to make headlines. The Protestant Church is culpable for their abuse of women and financial manipulation. If we say we care about women and young boys, start there.

What I will rail against is fake news and fake is corporate sponsored news. News for the most part is in the selling business it’s important we support independent news sources. If we really care we should stop caring about brands or tribes. I don’t belong to any political party they both should be abolished, we have to stop giving them our power to only be disappointed later. I suggest you read and study foreign policy, it may be a bit boring but it does give proper perspective on how our world really works.

This is the trick that sets most people up without thinking twice about it, it is good for business if the working poor are fighting against one another. Yes, Jussie if found guilty should have to pay for his grievance at the same time we have to be even handed also. Jussie’s little stunt will not set back relations of any kind. People already don’t believe women when they come forward about rape or violence or grievances blacks may have. Our society is so fractured that truth of any kind is inconsequential.  Let us reiterate; people lie! Lets name a few more for balance, Yasmin Seweid,Ariel Agudio, Asha Burwell and Alexis Briggs, Ashley Todd, Susan Smith, Tawana Brawley. As a warning be careful for the energy you dispense for the outcome may not be worth it. Don’t worry the next story is coming that will dominate the news cycle, then we can be outraged all over again. We all dont have to like or love one another but we can be cordial or even nice to one another from time2time.

Written by The NON-Conformist